8mm Nambu

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    Can anyone assist with a medium strength load for 8mm Nambu,using Bullseye or Unique.with 112 grn cast lead bullets,Many thanks Kestral
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    The 8 mm Nambu is a rimless, bottleneck handgun cartridge introduced in Japan in 1904 for the Type A Nambu pistol. It was also used in the Type 14 Nambu and Type 94 pistols, and the Type 100 submachine gun. It uses 8.2 mm (.320") bullets. Power is relatively low, with military loads developing about 280 J (200 foot·pounds), comparable to the American .380 ACP and substantially weaker than contemporary military cartridges such as 9x19mm Parabellum and 7.62x25mm Tokarev. As per the fate of most all contemporary Imperial Japanese weapon designs, the 8 mm Nambu production ceased after the end of World War II, as the weapons that fired it were removed from service. Some small-scale production has occurred at various times in the United States for use in captured Japanese pistols, but the expense of these rare cartridges makes handloading common among owners of 8 mm Nambu pistols. The Japanese Army cartidges in 8 mm Nambu have no markings on the headstamp unlike the Japanese Navy cartridges.


    Thats from a google search - listed on Wikipedia.

    Am thinking you could look at some .380 ACP loadings, and use the min loads
    for those and adjust accordingly.



    That link shows a bunch of .380 ACP loads with Universal, Unique, and Bullseye


    Before I picked up my Sierra reloading manual, I was having trouble finding a variety
    of load data for the 7.62x54r cartridge, and I found a website that said you could use
    Min load data for the .308 Winchester since the bullet weights and cartridge size were
    comparable. Just start at the Min and work up/down from there is what it recommended.

    Will check my Sierra manual when I'm home and see if the 8mm Nambu is listed in there
    and if it is, will post whatever load data is listed.
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