9/11 Rehashed....

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    Jun 27, 2001

    9/11 Rehashed Again...

    With the FBI releasing the latest "cleaned" version of flight 93's Black Box, it snaps us right back to reality, and fixes our minds on what happened that seemingly nice September day.

    There were only a few of the deceased family members who were able to hear the flight recordings. I don't think I would have wanted to hear what was on the tape.

    It really doesn't matter what was on the tape. Loved ones were on the phone while their heroes tried to save the plane, and they heard exactly what happened. We know damn well flight 93 was headed for the White House! Think about it. Twin Towers- down, Pentagon- Hit, and the very symbol of our Nations Capitol was in the sights of those who were taking another aircraft, with box cutters.

    When are we going to say enough is enough? NO ONE will address the only way we can protect ourselves. All we can do is sit idly by, and watch our freedoms stripped away, our dignity dragged through the mud, and our intellect shuned for stupor.

    I have stuck by my words, I have flown exactly 0, none, nada, not 1 commercial airline flight since 9/11/01. Have you? Have you called your elected heathens and told them you will not fly unless you are able to carry YOUR OWN FIREARM on commercial aircraft?

    The words can't be said enough: "HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE?" - Wake up! Yes, I'm talking to you!


    Contact Or Find All Of The Information You Need On Your Elected Officials!
    I will not be pushed around any longer. I will not be told by some flaming liberal, some corrupt politician, or some pompous judge, that I cannot defend myself.

    The time is at hand, our borders have been breached continually since 9/11, and al-Qaida with other terrorist factions are IN THIS COUNTRY ready to do it again. I am doing my part. I joined a volunteer Army Service Branch to help my community. I call the FBI whenever I see someone who just doesn't fit the good 'ol American background. That's right! I'll roll you over quicker than hell.

    This is no time to be foolish any longer. Let's call a spade a spade. If you think you see someone, or know someone that looks like they might blow a bomb, call it in! You just might even get a reward. I for one won't hesitate for a minute. I just got through chasing two bad guys down the street, ready to kick their asses, until right at that moment, I was able to flag down a passing police officer who promptly hooked both of them up, and took them jail.

    If you think I'm screwing around, you're going to have a serious wake up call. My attitude is one of protection, protecting myself, my loved ones, and my neighbors from any jackass that thinks he or she can pull one over on me. I thank God for my street smarts, and if you don't have any, I suggest you get with someone who does, so they can teach you a thing or two.

    It is time to act NOW! Don't pussy foot around any longer. Get mad, demand your right of self protection, and don't listen to the B.S. any more. No more asking nicely, we've tried that to the last breath. They are not listening. We need to stop the internal destruction that is plaguing America.

    I'm not afraid to speak up. I'll take on ANYBODY who wants to challenge the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Will you? Or will we read about you in the paper, or see you on T.V. after you're raped, carjacked, or murdered by some low life, and you didn't speak up, put up a fight, or decide to carry your firearm that day.

    If so, I guess we'll just wait for the "Black Box" to tell us how you died. Have you watched the so called "security professionals" tell you "not to resist", "not put up a fight", "just give them what they want"? The people who listen to this advice, are the same people who died on the other flights of 9/11, until only flight 93 had enough insight to at least try to do something about it. Our government officials OWE much more than what they've given credit for with these heroes of flight 93. Let's make them look at it REAL HARD. Let's get them to tell us "it's better to die without a gun, than it is to fly with one".

    I just don't get it.

    Mike W. Smith
  2. warpig

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    I must be missing something.

    I read through this twice and failed to see the point, unless it is a feeble excuse for the hijacking of the airplanes to be justification for us to be able to carry firearms.

    I think we all agree that we should be able to carry firearms anywhere at anytime this is already our RIGHT under the 2nd amendment

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