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9,4mm Dutch Revolver – 1940/41 East Indies Factory cartridges

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Dear pros:

Please, could you tell me the relative market value of 9,4mm Dutch Revolver - 1940/41 East Indies Factory cartridges.
Over the past 25 years, I've accumulated 4 x original boxes of 12 (+ 4 singles).

I found this interesting reference with detailed pictures and comments, but no price mentionned:

Thank you,
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It goes for about $1.00 per round at gun shows. There should be a premium for the box.

It was imported along with a load of beat up well used Dutch KNIL revolvers about 35 years ago. It's interesting ammo, made from cut down Dutch 6.5 rifle cases. This ammo was advertised as 10.4 by the importers, but it's in fact 9.4 and will chamber in Dutch M73 revolvers as well as the KNIL East Indeas revolver.

Here is an image of some Dutch revolvers. Top down, M1873 Old Model, KNIL, two Dutch police revolvers and a packet of dutch made cartridges along with some rounds made in the Dutch East Indeas...

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Thank you very much for your info.
Here's the one (De Beaumont) M1873 dated 1891, I bought 25 years ago.

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Now that cut down looks as if it was meant for serious business
FWIW, ref. the discussion on the IAA forum, the best translation of the German "scharfe Patrone" is "live cartridge"; the plural "Scharfe Patronen" means "live ammunition." The common translation of "ball cartridge" is not really correct, as "scharfe Patrone" can include AP, tracer, etc. "Platz Patrone" is "blank cartridge."

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