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99 Savage fans

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"Many" years ago, my grandfather bought a new Savage 99 in 250-3000. Almost immediately he heard of the .22-250, so he had the barrel changed. I have the original, like new 250-3000 take off barrel and was wondering what it might be worth. A local wants to buy it and I don't know what to ask.
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Worthless..... send it to me!!!
Actually I already have one and would love to find a 410 shotgun barrel for it
You looking for a value on the take-off barrel or the whole rifle?

I'm understanding the barrel...
Numrich has em listed anywhere around $100-200, depending on the caliber. None listed for .250Savage though, but it's a fairly common chambering so I'd say right around the same price.
There are a few listed on fleabay priced similarly too.

Remind the smith that there are two styles of threads used on the 99s, depending on the age/series. Square threads and standard "v" threads.
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