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    Apr 28, 2008
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    I recently reloaded some 9mm ammunition using 147g FP lead bullets and 3.2g of Bullseye. Went out to the range today and got good results-some real nice groups. My question: I would like to increase the powder to 3.8g of Bullseye to see the results at that load. Lee's 2nd Edition Modern Reloading shows a starting load for 147g XTP of 3.9g not to exceed 4.2g. No load for Bullseye is shown in Lee's manual for 147g lead. Lyman's 3rd Edition of Pistol and Revolver Handbook shows a starting load for Bullseye of 2.8g not to exceed 3.5g for a 147g #2 Alloy. Am I going to be OK increasing the powder to 3.8g for the 147g FP lead bullet given the information provided above? Thanks
  2. artabr

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    Mar 3, 2008
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    You would be over the MAX load for your bullet. Lyman's load is for a lead bullet such as the one your using. The #2 Alloy refers to a lead alloy bullet.
    Your max. load is 3.5 grains of Bulleyes.


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    to add to what art posted, and perhaps provide some explanation, lead requires less powder to push the same velocities as a jacketed bullet of equal weight, 2 reasons; lead bullets are normally 'oversized', for example, in a 9mm a jacketed bullet will mike at .355" and a lead bullet should mike .356", that extra thousandth of an inch will add a tremendous amount of pressure when the round is fired. reason #2, lead provides less friction than jacketed bullets so they achieve a higher velocity faster, so the higher pressure curve and the lack of friction allow a lead bullet to be fired at a jacketed bullets velocity with less powder. besides, if the load you have works, then why would you want to risk life and/or limb to change it?
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