9mm Super loading

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Ann Arbor, Mi
    Hi to all from Rainy Ann Arbor, MI. This is my first venture here and I have a question about a bunch of reloads (that I loaded years ago) in .38 Super. They will shoot in my Colt Commander with a Bar-Sto barrel, they DO NOT like my Taurus, or at least one didn't as I got a blown case head. I have since started pulling the bullets and dumping the powder. It appears to be BL-C2 and weighs 14.2 grains behind a 115 JRN bullet. I have a feeling I was loading for the 9mm Super, but my loading data is long gone. These would have been loaded in the mid 80's. Does anyone here have loading data for the 9mm Super (Cooper). I am curious only, as all of these rounds will be recycled and the powder flushed down the john. I know I have a bunch of .223 brass cut down to Super length and loaded hot, those only go in the Bar-Sto barrel, these were Midway brass and I have no recollection of loading them hot, but they are.
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