A democrat for five minutes....

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    A Democrat for Five Minutes

    I was driving from Wheeler to Colfax the other day

    when a tire blew out. Checking my spare, I found that it too was flat.

    My only option was to flag down a passing motorist and get a ride to
    the next town.

    The first vehicle to stop was an old man in Ford Explorer with union decals all over it.

    He yelled out the window, "Need a lift?"

    "Yes, I sure do," I replied.

    "You a Republican or Democrat," asked the old man.

    " Republican," I replied.

    "Well, you can just go to Hell," yelled the old man as he sped off.

    Another grubby looking guy in a Chevy pickup with a bent front wheel stopped, rolled down the window, and asked me the same question.

    Again, I gave the same answer, " Republican." The driver gave me the
    finger and drove off. I thought it over and decided that maybe I should change my strategy, since this area seemed to be overly
    political and there appeared to be few Republicans.

    The next car to stop was a red convertible driven by a beautiful blonde. She smiled seductively and asked if I was a Republican or Democrat.

    "Democrat!" I shouted..

    "Hop in!" replied the blonde.

    Driving down the road, I couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous woman in the seat next to me, the wind blowing through her hair, perfect breasts, and a short skirt that continued to ride higher and higher up her thighs. Finally, I yelled, "Please stop the car."

    She immediately slammed on the brakes and as soon as the car stopped, I jumped out. "What's the matter?" she asked.

    "I can't take it anymore," I replied. "I've only been a Democrat for five minutes and already I want to screw somebody."
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