A FIVE ***** dealer

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    I wanted to say how pleased I am to have a decent dealer to do business with. I recently completed a transaction with our very own TAC401 ! Prior to dealing with him there were enough SNAFU'S to go around and have extra left over.
    Anyway, TAC was very instrumental in making this deal happen. While there were some "unusual things" that happened with the dealer I chose(2nd one) to do a transfer,he (TAC) stuck with it!
    This was my first deal,and,LORD willin',it won't be my last.So,if ya need a dealer to get the JOB DONE RIGHT.ya can't go wrong with 'im. The rifle I got was even BETTER than anticipated!!

    Thanks TAC!

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    (5/12/02 9:00:05 am)
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    You are dealing with one of the best - excellent ethics and goes beyond the norm to make sure a deal is done. When I sent him a Priority Mail envelope with a payment in it, the envelope got lost somewhere in the hills of Vermont. TAC went out there and tracked it down! Can't beat this guy ----
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    Re: A FIVE ***** dealer
    Thank you folks, to me there's only one way to do business,
    the right way!

    A+ To both of you too!
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