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    Click on the left hand box "Grand Jury History Powers".

    It rambles a little at first, quoting law review papers that really are opinions without legal bearing, but towards the end starts quoting the Supreme Court on the independence of the Grand Jury. Gets very interesting at the end.


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    Wadhington State law, RCW 10.27.070, concerning the oath and duties of the Grand Jury. Emphasis added by me.

    So, should a prosecutor or Judge order me to not pursue a line of investigation, he would be suborning me to violate my oath (affirmation) to perform my lawful duties. Is that not a crime for which the Grand Jury can present in the form of a "true finding?" Marlin, what say you?

    Bring it to the attention of the AG. If it is the office of the AG which is leaning on you, take to to the U.S. AG. I faintly remember a case where the Grand Jury called the Attorney General of the state forth to testify and answer questions.

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