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    I love training women-Generally they don't have a clue=NO bad habits,they don't seem to have the macho-I'm a guy,I can shoot,shift gears(I also trained in big rigs)do anything...they are very willing to learn....Hotrods biggest problem is early morning-so when do I insist we train-early morning.We're still at the 3 targets/3 ft apart-but she's at about 15ft draw/shoot/1-2-1 come back 2-1-2 with her 9 and a 10.3 AR-she even understands red dots-reflex sights/come up,dot hits center mass,squeeze,pull,whatever works for YOU to the trigger,swing,come up-rinse,repeat.Does'nt understand why I make her wear plate carrier with ceramics,but I don't,good ole NVA mag carrier good enough for me.She also is learning to always have your blow out kit on your belt,cut her finger somehow and thought I was going to use MY med kit on HER,sorry Baby,does'nt work that way.And she is a WITCH:)...I tell her what I want done and she say's YOU do it-I'll watch,is that all you got,old man.A good woman that I know will back me up without hesitation,only took me 63yrs.
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    I have heard that about women they are easier to teach how to shoot.
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