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    Alright troops, most of you know that I don't get in on the joke telling because #1, I don't know any or #2 I can't remember them. Sooo, here is my joke:

    A guy who had a hearing problem decided it was time to go to his doc because he was very hard of hearing and couldn't find his hearing aid. Upon arriving and discussing the problem over with the doc, they decided it was time to clean his ears out. The doc kept pulling out the usual bunch of accumulation that comes from time and all of a sudden the doc says, did you know that you have a suppository in your ear? The guy exclaims, well I'll be darn, now I know where that hearing aid is.

    Now all you people out there that wears hearing aids, please don't be offended, I am not poking fun at you. My Mothers nurse told that joke to me and my Mom does wear a hearing aid. - Hope

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