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(7/12/01 4:01:12 pm)
| Del All A Liberty Surprise in Thailand.

Since we were a very small outfit and most of us had slid over to Thailand from tours in-country Vietnam we were very tight. Our skipper would frequently go on liberty with some of us troops, especially if we were going to Bangkok.
Another chief and myself had made plans to go to Bangkok for a weekend of liberty. I mentioned this to the skipper and since there was a lull in operations he decided to tag along with us. This was fine with us chiefs because the "old man" was "one of the boys" when we were on liberty. He was an aviator who had spent some time flying over sunny Vietnam and on one occasion, when forced to bail out, had spent some anxious moments hanging from a tree before the rescue helicopter reached him.
After arriving in Bangkok and getting our rooms at the Nana Hotel we headed out to see the sights. We took a baht bus, which is what they call the little rattletraps that shuttle you around town, down to Patpong Street. This was the area where everything that sailors enjoy was happening. Wall-to-wall girlie bars, monkey meat vendors on every corner, cheap beer, cheaper girls. One of my friends, an ex-Navy SEAL named Bill Book owned the "Cellar" bar on one corner of Patpong and that's where we got started. After a few bottles of Singha beer we were ready for the big time and headed out for Patpong proper.
After hitting several of the girlie bars we ended up in one of the dance clubs. The other chief and I noticed that the skipper had taken a fancy to one rather beautiful looking Thai maiden. He kept buying her drink after drink and whirled her around the dance floor like it was the Junior/Senior prom. Her hair was done up in a beautiful "Afro" style and she had the type of body of which sea stories are made.
Well, along about midnight we decided to beat feet back to the hotel. The skipper had successfully negotiated a price for the night and had his beauty in tow. So here we went through the city - three drunken sailors and a Thai hooker in a baht bus. Cementing international relations, true ambassadors of peace and goodwill from the people of the United States.
Upon reaching the hotel the skipper turned down our offer of another beer and headed off across the passageway to his room to see what type of return he'd get on his investment.
The other Chief and I were just finishing our second Singha when we heard what sounded like a serious confrontation coming from the skipper's room. We went out into the passageway and were nearly run down by a very disheveled Thai maiden, Afro wig in hand, beating feet for the exit.
The skipper came out in his skivvies and told us to get ready to return to base. Liberty had been cancelled.
On the drive back to our base we finally pulled out what had transpired. The skipper had taken a shower and was in bed, anxiously waiting for his Afro-Thai beauty to finish her toilet routine and come jump his bones. She reached out of the bathroom, turned off the light and slithered in beside the skipper. He started caressing her lithe body and suddenly grabbed hold of plumbing that was somewhat similar to his own.
The chief who was driving damn near ran us in a ditch. I laughed so hard my sides ached. The skipper took it all with good grace but let us know in no uncertain terms that this information was "close hold" and he'd have our collective asses if even one word of this ever got out. It never did.

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(7/12/01 6:00:18 pm)
| Del Re: A Liberty Surprise in Thailand.
Funny story.

Virtually a duplicate of what happened to two fraternity brothers of mine on 6th street just west of downtown LA one night in about 1963. The only difference was the discovery was made in a car and not in a hotel.

Of course, they couldn't keep their mouths shut. Actually, they told the rest of us to warn us. At that early date, who could know.


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(7/12/01 9:30:40 pm)
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Re: A Liberty Surprise in Thailand.
Just T funny! Thanks for passing it along.

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(7/13/01 8:13:49 am)
| Del Re: A Liberty Surprise in Thailand.
That's funny as hell. I did some liberty in Bangkok and fornunately my pretty girl was a pretty girl. I can't believe anyone would have big enough stones to try and pull that on a sailor on liberty. Just when you think you've heard it all.
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(7/13/01 11:32:04 am)
| Del Re: A Liberty Surprise in Thailand.
Seems to be a world-wide phenomena ….

I had not been in Panama too long when one our guys kept coming back from the bar runs and raving about this “really hot fox” he met in the Abrigo Rojo and was about to “get some”….

So one night a couple of us went with him…..

He introduces us to “Roberta” (can’t show Spanish inflection here but you get it) and proceeds to buy drinks and nuzzle/cuddle and generally fondle “Roberta”.

We noticed something wrong right off…. “Roberta” would not let him go for the crotch…and she wouldn’t talk……

“OH… that’s just the way she is”….

So one of the guys starts to tell him (nay… WARN him) that something was not right….ALL the prosties talked…. most talked and talked and talked…. trying to negotiate a good price…… so… what is up with this one????

As we take of leave of him and his new friend…. one of our Spanish speaking crew observes that the woman leaning off the balcony about us is making funny hand signs…. so he yells up to her (in Spanish of course) “SO… what’s her price?” thinking that this woman might be the Madame….

She roars with laughter and says (as told to us) “OH HIM!!!!… well ... Roberto....he won’t do Americans.. he just likes the drinks they buy”….

HIM!!!! ROBERTO..... ROBERT.......!!!!!

After our laughter subsided…. he joins us…. seems when our friend told him what the woman said… he went for the crotch…

and like your officer…. found very familial pumping……

A side note… this same guy, many months later was with us on R&R in Sydney… and when we went into the “Mulon Ruge” (Spelling ??) in Sydney… he still didn’t get it that the joint was a drag queens paradise….and couldn’t understand why we were leaving so soon…..

Some guys never learn…..

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(7/17/01 1:14:08 am)
| Del Re: A Liberty Surprise in Thailand.

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