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| Del All A little help from my friends??
Perhaps some of you, ahhh, more senior people here can help be recall the reason for a high security alert (similar to now) that was going on in the spring of 1965. Must have been late March or April,,

As I have said in the past, prior to re-enlisting for Data Processing, I was an MP Sentry Dog Handler. I was assigned as a puppy-pusher at an ARADCOM missile base outside Albany, Ga in support of a SAC base (Turner AFB). I worked nights, of course, but we got recalled in the middle of a day. We were restricted to base and put on the highest state of alert. We, the security troops, were on 3 minute alert. That meant we had 3 minutes to get into our gear and get to the secure missile area, which was about 100 yards from the ready room. The missile-mutts (the crewmen who readied and fired the missiles) had 10 minutes. Our job was to secure the AO before the crewmen got there. I know, not much time to do much “securing”, but that was the standard. Besides, there was already security on duty at all times, those that were “off duty” were on standby for reinforcement
With this “standby” status, we could not undress, but could remove our boots, IF we had zippers installed in them, which we all had done. The crewmen were allowed to undress for bed, but they had to have their uniforms near to hand, sort of like a fireman. We were allowed to shower, one security person at a time. Good thing,,, that ready room was not very large, with about 35 to 40 men living in it. It could have gotten pretty “ripe” if they had not given us time to bath,,, besides, we had a First Sergeant that would skin you alive if you were un-shaven, regardless of the reason.

We stayed on this level of alert for between 3 and 4 weeks,, maybe 23 – 24 days,, a long time when you don’t have a lot to do to keep yourself busy. We had a volleyball court outside, a TV with 2 channels in the break room, and a few old magazines and books. And not a Playboy to be found!

I do know the level of efficacy dropped pretty low because of the constant strain of trying to remain on such a high level of alert. It was very fortunate that nothing actually happened. I am not sure, by the end of the 3rd week, if those missile-mutts could have even launched a bird; much less hit anything with it. Plus, all of us security troops were falling asleep on our feet, walking our post,,, only the dogs kept us moving.

For the life of me, I cannot remember the reason for this alert. Of course, we had many of these “alerts”, but they were usually just “test” or, if they were “false alarms” they never lasted more that a day or two.

Just an incomplete memory,,, seem to have more and more of them now days,,,

The current continuing condition of high alert here at Fairchild AFB reminded me of that time.

Stan H ,, nighthawk

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(11/14/01 6:52:14 pm)
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Re: A little help from my friends??
Very interesting Hawk, enjoyed reading it!

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Don't know if this fits in with your alert, but about that time I was based at NAS North Island, San Diego, CA. Word came down that base security was going to be supplemented by attached squadron personnel, and we would be ARMED!

As luck would have it, I pulled the balls to 04 watch the first night, but was a bit surprised when I was driven to my duty post the watch I relieved handed me an M-2 carbine and an ammo belt with five more magazines in it. The Marine watched me as I cleared the weapon, then slid the mag back in and charged one round, kicked the mag out and replaced the round removed when I cleared it. He smiled, and made a remark that there was one sailor with a gun that he wasn't worried about and drove off. Our standing orders were to challenge, identify, and if they didn't stop, to fire ONE warning shot, then shoot to kill. Thankfully no one came ashore where I was. In fact, I don't think anyone ever tried to get on the island that wasn't supposed to be there.

Seems the alert was from intelligence gathered by the FBI that a bunch of longhairs were planning on infiltrating the island and do damage to the various types of airplanes based there.

Suppose that was it?

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