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    - January 1, 1972: The Kuwait Oil Company facilities, which were partially U.S.-owned, were damaged in a bomb blast perpetrated by Muslim militants.
    - January 16, 1972: An American nurse was killed in Israel, and several people were wounded, in a terrorist attack in Gaza. Palestinian Muslims were responsible.
    - January 17, 1972: The U.S. Mission in Tehran, Iran was hit by four bombs. Two local guards were wounded.

    - January 27, 1972: In Austria, Islamic/Catholic Croatian terrorists associated with Ustashi were suspected of placing a bomb that exploded on a train en route from Vienna to Zagreb, Yugoslavia, injuring six people.

    - February 2, 1972: Irish terrorists firebombed the British Embassy in Dublin. No one was injured. This was the first mention of a terrorist event perpetrated in Northern Ireland since the timeline began. While the IRA will become infamous and will kill many, they are not the focus of this review. Moreover, in the entire history of the IRA, they have killed fewer people in aggregate than Islamic terrorists do on an average day.
    - February 5, 1972: A Dutch gas-pumping station in Ravenstein was sabotaged. French authorities arrested an Algerian Muslim in connection with the incident. The Black_September Organization was believed to be responsible.
    - February 6, 1972: In West Germany, five Jordanian workers who were allegedly assisting Israel were murdered near Cologne by Black_September.
    - February 8, 1972: A West German electrical installation and a Dutch gas plant were blown up by members of Black_September. The BSO was also responsible for damage to a plant near Hamburg that made electrical generators for Israeli aircraft.
    - February 19, 1972: Islamic terrorists attempted but failed to hijack a Jordanian plane in Egypt. A Jordanian Muslim with a hand grenade attempted to take control of the Alia Caravelle flying from Cairo to Amman. He wanted to divert the plane to Tripoli, Libya as it left Cairo. He was overpowered by Jordanian security guards. The Jordanian National Liberation Movement claimed responsibility.
    This is the only terrorist act claimed by the Jordanian National Liberation Movement. It is unclear what the man's ultimate goal was in the hijack attempt. He did not affiliate himself with any group, including the one that took credit for his actions. Given that the hijack attempt failed, it is not surprising that no known group took responsibility. However, there was a group who hated the Jordanian regime and who was actively engaged in hijacking planes. So I wouldn't be surprised if the JNLM was really the PLO/PFLP/BSO.
    - February 22, 1972: A Lufthansa jet from New Delhi to Athens and on to Aden, Yemen was hijacked by Islamic terrorists. The hostages, also known as kidnap victims, were freed after a $5 million ransom was paid to the Muslims.
    All five terrorists were Palestinian Muslims who described themselves as members of the Organization for Victims of Zionist Occupation. They ordered the plane flown to Aden, Southern Yemen.
    Beyond money, the demands of the group were never clear. One report said the hijackers demanded the release of three Islamic terrorists being held in Cologne for the slaying of five Jordanians (see February 6, 1972 incident). Another report said they demanded the release of four Palestinians being held in Cairo for the slaying of Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi Tal (see November 28, 1971 incident).
    The hijackers released the jet, passengers, and crew on February 23. On February 25th, the West German government disclosed that it had paid $5 million in ransom. The hijackers all went free and were never arrested or prosecuted.
    - February 22, 1972: The Black_September Organization sabotaged the Esso oil pipeline near Hamburg, Germany claiming that the company had aided the Israelis.

    - March 5, 1972: The BSO damaged the same oil pipeline near Hamburg.
    - March 21, 1972: Turkish Muslims kidnapped three NATO radar technicians (two British citizens and one Canadian). The kidnappers demanded the release of three terrorists who were being held under sentence of death. The government refused to bargain with the kidnappers or allow them safe passage out of the country. When police surrounded their hideout, the kidnappers executed the three NATO victims. In the subsequent assault, ten terrorists were killed.
    - March 29, 1972: In Sweden, a bomb was planted in the Yugotours office, a Yugoslav travel agency in Stockholm. Croatian Ustashi terrorists were responsible.

    - April 16, 1972: In Sweden, the USIS office in Gothenburg was damaged by firebombs during the night.
    - April 19, 1972: The Cuban group, Secret Army Organization bombed the Guild Theater in San Diego, California. No one was injured. While this has nothing to do with Islam, I find it curious that Cuba and North Korea were being called terrorist nations by the U.S. State Department even though they were perpetrating very few terrorist acts.
    - April 19, 1972: Eight young men with their faces covered in black ski masks and with iron bars in hand broke most of the glass in the entrance to the USIS Binational Center library and auditorium in Barcelona, Spain. They fled, throwing two Molotov cocktails that burned on the sidewalk, causing no damage.

    - May 3, 1972: Four Muslim militants planted bombs in the U.S. Base Civil Engineering facility in Ankara, Turkey.
    - May 3, 1972: In Sweden, the Turkish tourist office was bombed in response to Ankara's parliament ratifying the death sentences of three terrorists convicted of kidnapping three U.S. servicemen in 1971. In Islam, they were heroes, not criminals.
    - May 3, 1972: Four Turkish students hijacked a Turkish airliner to Sofia, where they surrendered to Bulgarian authorities. The hijackers had demanded the release of three prisoners in Turkey.
    - May 8, 1972: Four members of the PLO's Black_September Organization - two men and two women - hijacked a Sabena Belgian World Airlines plane en route from Vienna to Tel Aviv. Upon their arrival at Tel Aviv's Lod Airport, they demanded the release of 317 Palestinian terrorists held in Israel. While Israeli officials negotiated with the hijackers, Israeli paratroopers disguised as mechanics burst through the plane's emergency doors, killed the two male hijackers and wounded one of the women. Five passengers were injured in the gunfight; one later died. The two women hijackers were subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.
    - May 9, 1972: A fuel bomb was thrown against the entrance to the U.S. Embassy in London.
    - May 10, 1972: Four young Arab men entered the U.S. Trade Center in Paris and set off two firebombs, causing considerable damage.
    - May 11, 1972: A series of bombs placed by the Baader-Meinhof Gang exploded at the Fifth U.S. Army Corps headquarters in West Germany, killing Colonel Paul Bloomquist and wounding 13 others.
    The Baader-Meinhof Group was a violent communist association that acted in partnership with the PFLP. They emerged from the Federal Republic of Germany in the late 1960s. On April 2, 1968, Andreas Baader, the group's founder, and his girlfriend Gudrun Ensslin, bombed a Frankfurt department store. The well-known German journalist Ulrike Meinhof, helped Baader flee custody. Following the prison break, Meinhof and Baader enrolled in a terrorist training camp run by the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and became infamous.
    Returning from the Islamic terrorist training camp, Baader, Meinhof, and Ensslin engaged in a violent spree of bombings, abductions, and firearm attacks. They professed a hazy mix of Marxism, Maoism, and Muslim beliefs as the terrorized West Germany.
    On May 8, 1976, Ulrike Meinhof hung herself in prison. A year later, Baader and Ensslin also killed themselves in prison. However, Baader-Meinhof's followers operating under the name Red Army Faction and with the support of the PLO continued to terrorize Europeans from 1978 until 1998.
    - May 12, 1972: There were four bombings of American interests in Argentina perpetrated by the Comite Argentino de Lucha Anti-Imperialisto, a Communist terrorist organization. No one was injured in any of them.
    - May 24, 1972: In Heidelberg, Germany, two bombs placed in cars exploded at the U.S. Army's European headquarters, killing one soldier and wounding two others. The Baader-Meinhof Gang of Marxist/Maoist/Muslims was believed to be responsible.
    - May 24, 1972: In Zimbabwe, a South African Airways Boeing 727 flying from Salisbury to Johannesburg with 66 passengers and crew on board was hijacked by two Lebanese Muslim terrorists who threatened to blow up the aircraft.
    At a refueling stop in Salisbury, they allowed some of the passengers to get off. They diverted the plane to Balantyre, Malawi, and demanded a ransom from the Anglo-American Mining Company. But on May 25th, all passengers and crew escaped and the hijackers were captured.
    - May 31, 1972: In Iran, a car belonging to a civilian employee of the U.S. Air Force in Tehran was destroyed by a magnetic bomb attached to the gas tank.
    The same day, Iranian terrorists bombed the U.S. Information Service Offices in Tehran, killing one person and injuring two.
    - May 31, 1972: After receiving the $5 million ransom from the German government, the PLO/PFLP/BSO financed and dispatched members of the Japanese Red Army to attack Lod Airport in Tel Aviv. They bombed the terminal and used automatic weapons to gun down and kill 27 people milling in the crowd, wounding 75 to 80 more. Yes, Islam has always found soulmates in Communist, Socialist, and Fascist circles. Dictators all share a common bond.
    Incidentally, two of the terrorists died during the attack, but not from opposing fire. One was shot my mistake by one of his companions and the other died when a grenade he was holding detonated before he threw it.
    The PLO-sponsored Japanese terrorists had arrived at Lod Airport on an Air France flight from Paris. They went to baggage claim and picked up their suitcases which contained the weapons they used.
    Since they had paid for it, and because there was sufficient carnage, the PFLP claimed credit for the attack, saying that the three terrorists belonged to the Squad of the Martyr Patrick Arguello. Arguello was killed in a l970 hijacking attempt over London (see the September 6, 1970 incident). The PFLP also said that the killings were in retaliation for the shooting of two Muslim militants in a hijacking three weeks before, on May 8th.
    According to the PFLP, the three Japanese gunmen had been instructed not to fire on the Air France passengers, but to wait ten minutes for an arriving El Al Israel Airlines flight in order to ensure that 90 to 95 percent of the victims would be Jews or people with direct loyalties to Israel. The PFLP said that it did not regard tourists visiting Israel as innocent civilians. "The mere choice of our occupied territory as a place for tourism is in itself a bias in favor of the enemy." The surviving gunman said that the URA had concluded the alliance with the PFLP as a means of thrusting itself on the world stage. Kozo Okamoto was sentenced to life in prison for the attack. His release was demanded in an April 1974 assault of a residential building in Qiryat Shemona in Israel that killed 18 people.
    The Japanese Red Army (JRA) hijacked several commercial airliners and they held personnel in the French embassy in The Hague hostage. However, nothing they ever did rivaled this assault on Tel Aviv's airport. In 1975, the JRA embarked on a successful campaign to free all of its imprisoned members by taking hostages and using them as bargaining chips. At its peak, the gang had only 30 or so members. By 1981, they publicly stated that they were considering the rejection of violence as a political tool.
    - June 2, 1972: Two hijackers, identified as William Holder, 22, and Catherine Kerkow, 20, took over a Western Airlines jet as it began its descent in Seattle, Washington. The couple ordered the plane to New York where Holder picked up $500,000 in ransom money and exchanged 36 hostages for a navigator to take the jet to pro-hijacker Islamic Algiers. In Algeria, the hijackers asked for asylum. They were treated so well, the stunt would be repeated in sixty days.
    In 1980, Holder, a former Black Panther, received a suspended five-year prison sentence in Paris, France. It was the first time a French court had tried a person accused of hijacking an airliner abroad. The decision to prosecute was made under an international agreement signed in The Hague in 1970 and an article of the French penal code that had never been invoked before. Holder was charged in May 1975, together with his companion Catherine Kerkow, who is still at large and will be tried in absentia. Why bother?
    - June 10, 1972: The West German embassy in Dublin, Ireland was damaged by a bomb that had been placed by supporters of the Baader-Meinhof Gang of Muslim-trained Marxists.
    - June 15, 1972: A bomb was planted in the Yugoslav consulate in Munich. Croatian terrorists associated with the Catholic/Islamic/Fascist Ustashi were responsible.
    - June 20, 1972: Members of the PFLP-General Command fired rockets at an Israeli bus in the Golan Heights, killing two civilians and injuring several others. The Israelis retaliated by shelling Lebanese frontier camps, killing about fifty Lebanese, most of whom were Muslim militants associated with those who had attacked the bus. The U.N. Security Council condemned Israel rather than the PFLP-GC.

    - July 1, 1972: In Lebanon, Dr. Azmi Awad, a Palestinian physician working for the Red Crescent relief organization, found a bomb in his car engine.
    - July 1, 1972: In Lebanon, Marwan Dajani, an al-Fatah leader, and Abu al-Hassan, a PLO intelligence officer, were sent letter bombs which were deactivated before they could explode.
    The same day, Shafiq al-Hout, the PLO director in Beirut, was sent a letter bomb as well. It was also detected before it could explode.
    - July 9, 1972: In Beirut, Lebanon, Gassan Kanafani, editor of the PFLP's weekly journal Al Hadef, who was also a spokesman for the PFLP and number four in the group's hierarchy, died when a bomb exploded in his car, in front of his home in Hazmiyeh. His niece was also killed by the explosion.
    - July 11, 1972: While no one knows who killed Kanafani, in that Muslims routinely murder their own, in reprisal for his death, the PFLP threw a grenade in a Tel Aviv bus terminal, wounding nine. I can assure you that the victims were not to blame.
    - July 18, 1972: An attaché case containing fifteen pounds of explosives was discovered in the USIS Cultural Center in Manila. The device was set to explode at 1 AM Saturday. The guard did not check the case until Monday morning, and the building was spared only because of the failure of the timing device.
    - July 19, 1972: The director of the PLO research center in Beirut, Anis Sayegh, was partially blinded when a package bomb exploded.
    - July 22, 1972: The successor to PFLP spokesman, the assassinated Kanafani, Bassam Abu Sharif, was blinded in his right eye and severely wounded elsewhere in the face and body, losing several fingers, when a book bomb exploded in his hands.
    - July 31, 1972: A group of hijackers, including George Edward Wright, George Brown, Melvin McNair, his wife Jean Allen McNair, and Joyce T. Burgess, who said they were Black Panther Party sympathizers, took over a Delta Air Lines jet over Florida and directed the plane to Algeria after collecting $1 million in ransom. It was a copycat crime. Thanks to the hospitality of the Algerian Muslims, terror had become profitable (or so they thought...).
    There were 101 passengers and crew on board. At the hijackers' orders, the plane landed in Miami for fuel. At that time passengers were allowed to leave the jet after the ransom was paid. Upon their arrival in Algeria, however, the Algerian authorities impounded the ransom money and took the hijackers into custody.
    The hijackers were released later in the week and the ransom money was later returned to Delta, in spite of a request by American Black Panthers in exile in Algeria that the money be turned over to them.
    On November 24, 1978, Melvin McNair, Jean McNair, George Brown, and Joyce Tillerson were convicted by a French court for the hijacking. All received five year sentences, but two years were suspended from the women's terms. In the United States, they would have faced 20 years; U.S. extradition requests were denied by an earlier court when the defense attorney argued that the group was being persecuted because of their race and beliefs.

    - August 5, 1972: The PFLP/PLO/BSO attacked an oil refinery in Trieste, Italy. The damage they wrought in the ensuing fire in large oil storage tanks was considerable, estimated at over $7 million. The attack was justified because Germany and Austria allegedly supplied oil to Israel.
    - August 16, 1972: An El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 707 was damaged shortly after take-off from Rome by a bomb concealed in its luggage compartment. The bomb had been hidden in a record player given to two English girls by two Arab Muslims. The airline had adopted reinforced cargo containers that reduced the bomb's effectiveness. Though the 200 grams of explosive blew a hole through the baggage hold, the aircraft landed safely at Rome and none of the 148 people aboard were injured.
    A new Islamic terrorist club calling itself the Nationalist Group for the Liberation of Palestine claimed credit for the attack. The two jihadist conspirators were arrested and then released by Italian authorities after questioning. Palestinian Awel Abdel Zwaiter, who was killed on October 16, 1972, was thought to be the bomber and head of Black_September.
    In case you are wondering why the Italians, French, and Germans were so eager to free the most heinous criminals of their day, the reason is that terrorist hostage exchanges for kidnap victims had prompted a rash of new hijackings. Like George Bush's War on Terror, the West's ignorant and immoral response to the initial onslaught of Islamic terrorism caused it to rapidly increase.
    - August 22, 1972: A Southern Yemen DC-6 airplane en route from Beirut to Cairo was hijacked by three armed Arab men who said they were members of the Eagles of National Unity. The plane was flown to Benghazi, Libya, where the Islamic hijackers requested asylum. The Southern Yemen government said the terrorists were a fundamentalist group instituted by the Saudi Arabian government. The Libyan government freed the hijackers on August 27.
    Eagles of National Unity only claimed credit for this singular assault. It is unclear whether the hijackers made any claims or demands, other than to be flown to Libya, where they requested and received asylum.
    The South Yemen government maintained that the hijackers were affiliated with a fundamentalist Islamic, anti-government organization supported by Saudi Arabia. If true, they may have been vestiges of Yemen's civil war between Saudi and British-supported royalists and the Egyptian-backed republicans who ultimately won and were in control of the government at the time of the attack. The group's name could be a reference to their hostility to the British occupation of South Yemen.
    An alternative theory is that the name is a reference to the two separate entities of North and South Yemen, also referred to as the Yemen Arab Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, respectively. North Yemen was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, and South Yemen was under British control until 1967. These two entities were united in 1990, creating the modern-day Republic of Yemen.
    - August 26, 1972: A bomb exploded near the seafront embassy staff housing apartments of the U.S. Embassy in Manila.
    - September 5, 1972: Eight Palestinian Muslims, working for Yasser Arafat, Fatah, and the PLO broke into the Israeli quarters of the Olympic Village during the Munich Olympic Games at dawn and took 11 members of Israel's wrestling team hostage. After killing one of the athletes and a coach, the gang of Islamic murderers dressed in black ski masks held the other Jewish athletes hostage. They demanded the release of 200 Islamic terrorists who were imprisoned in Israel and safe passage for themselves and their hostages to an Islamic country.
    Israel rejected the kidnappers' demands. But after a day of terse and tense negotiations with the masked men who were now calling themselves "Black_September," the West Germans agreed to supply a jet that would take the kidnappers and their Jewish hostages to Cairo, Egypt where of course, the Palestinian PLO Muslims would be welcomed as heroes.
    The group was taken by bus to the airport where helicopters were waiting to take them to another airfield where a commercial plane was said to be waiting. Yet being keenly aware that sending the Jewish captives to Egypt would be like sending them to Auschwitz, German snipers at the airport fired upon the terrorists. In the gun battle that followed, the Palestinians murdered the remaining nine Jewish athletes, several of them when one of the terrorists tossed a hand grenade into a helicopter carrying the Jewish athletes away. Five of the terrorists were killed. One of the Jewish victims was, David Berger, an American from Cleveland, Ohio.
    Three Islamic terrorists survived the gun battle. Not far enough removed from Nazism, the German government released the mass murderers on October 29th.
    Corrupted by the moral decadence of Islam, Palestinian Muslims thought that the kidnapping and murder of Jews was a good thing so under the direction of Yasser Arafat, the Fatah-based Black_September claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack.
    In retaliation for Munich, Israelis raided refugee camps in Lebanon on February 21, 1973, and killed 31 Muslim militants. They also downed a Libyan airliner that strayed over Sinai, killing 107 aboard. The Palestinian leader suspected of directing the massacre of Israeli athletes and coaches, Abu Daoud, was released by the French in 1977, and flown to Algeria, thus releasing a storm of protest from Israel.
    As a result of the world's response, that of allowing Jews to be killed without international reprisal, the Israeli governments initiated "Operation Wrath of God." They hunted down and killed all but one of those responsible for planning the vicious attack.
    France, Briton, Germany, Poland, the United States, and Lebanon allowed the perpetrators to mingle freely amongst them so here is what happened and when: 12/8/1972: Muhammad Hamshari was killed by an exploding telephone in Paris. 4/6/1973: Basil al-Kubaisi was shot in Paris.
    On 4/10/1973: An Israeli unit led by future Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, landed an inflatable boat in Beirut and killed Kamal Nasser, Muhammad Yussuf Najjer, and Kemal Adwan in their apartments.
    On 6/28/1973: Muhammad Boudia was killed when a bomb exploded beneath his car seat. We will read more about him later as his life intersects that of PFLP terrorist, Carlos the Jackal.
    On 1/22/1979: Ali Hassan Salame was killed by a car bomb in Beirut. Known as the Red Prince, he was Arafat's second in command. The murdering Hassan Salame, had previously accompanied his terrorist boss to the UN in New York when Yasser Arafat, holster at his side, had given his famed "side with the terrorist" speech.
    On 8/1/1981: Abu Daoud, the mastermind of the massacre, was killed in a Warsaw, Poland café. It should be noted that the 1999 Palestine Prize for Culture was awarded to Daoud for his book: Palestine: From Jerusalem to Munich. In it, Abu Daoud not only confessed to the crime, he described how he killed the 9 Jewish athletes, including the American. It is but one of a million confirmations that Muslim terrorists aren't a fringe radical minority, but are instead part of and embraced by, the leadership of the Islamic world.
    - September 9, 1972: An Israeli diplomat was killed by a letter bomb in London that was mailed by Black_September.
    - September 9, 1972: In France, a bomb was found in the washroom of an Air France Boeing 747 flying from Paris to Montreal with 354 people aboard. The plane landed in Gander, where the bomb was dismantled.
    - September 10, 1972: In Iran, a bomb blew up in a washroom in the USIS Center in Meshed.
    - September 11, 1972: In Belgium, an al-Fatah member lured an Israeli official to a Brussels cafe where he was shot and seriously wounded. The gunman was a Moroccan affiliated with the BSO.
    - September 15, 1972: Five young terrorist entered the USIS cultural center in Madrid and hurled four Molotov cocktails inside.
    - September 15, 1972: In Sweden, three Croatian Ustashi militants hijacked a Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) jet and ransomed its passengers for seven Ustashi terrorists held in Swedish jails (two of whom had seized the Yugoslav consulate in Goteborg in February 1971 and five of whom were involved in the assassination of the Yugoslav Ambassador in April 1971). The aircraft was flown to Madrid, where the ten Croatians surrendered to Spanish authorities.
    - September 16, 1972: Seven bombs went off in offices of U.S.-owned businesses in Mexico, causing considerable property damage during Independence Day celebrations. No one was injured.
    - September 17, 1972: A Venezuelan Airlines DC-8 flying from Beirut, Lebanon to Caracas with ninety-seven passengers and crew landed at Cyprus after a caller said that there was a bomb on board. A powerful time bomb was found in the rear toilet. Islamic terrorists, Dr. Atef Harkous, Hussein Harkous, and Adnan Harkous were arrested in connection with the crime.
    - September 17, 1972: In Australia, Croatian Ustashi terrorists bombed the Yugoslav tourist agency offices in Sydney.
    - September 19, 1972: The Israeli Embassy staff in Paris discovered two large envelopes containing explosives. The devices were defused. They were the first of an onslaught of letter bombs mailed from Amsterdam by the Black_September Organization (BSO) which claimed responsibility.
    - September 19, 1972: In the United Kingdom, a letter-bomb mailed by Arab terrorists exploded and killed a diplomat in the Israeli embassy in London.
    In the next few days nearly 50 letter-bombs addressed to officials in Israel and Israeli embassies were intercepted throughout the world. All had been posted in Amsterdam on September 16th. Eight more letter-bombs mailed from Malaysia were found in the first half of October. The BSO, which was the international terrorist wing of Yasser Arafat's Fatah and PLO, claimed responsibility for all of them. Amsterdam police believed that the BSO members had entered their country the previous week and slipped out after sending the letter bombs.
    - September 20, 1972: In Belgium, a letter bomb addressed to an Israeli official was intercepted in Brussels.
    - September 20, 1972: Two letter bombs addressed to Israeli officials were found in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. One of them was addressed to Shimon Peres, minister of transportation. One exploded in the Jerusalem Post Office, injuring a postal worker.
    - September 20, 1972: In Canada, six letter bombs addressed to Israeli officials were intercepted in Ottawa. A seventh was found in Montreal.
    - September 20, 1972: In Switzerland, five letter bombs addressed to Israeli officials were intercepted in Geneva. In the UK, eight letter bombs addressed to Israeli officials were intercepted in London. In Belgium. Israeli security guards found a letter bomb in the Israeli Embassy in Brussels.
    - September 21, 1972: Ten more letter bombs addressed to Israeli officials arrived in Israel. They were intercepted in a Jerusalem post office.
    In Argentina. Israeli security agents found a letter bomb in their embassy in Buenos Aires.
    In Zaire, a letter bomb was found in the Israeli Embassy in Kinshasa, but security guards prevented it from doing any damage.
    In Cambodia, Israeli security guards found a letter bomb in their embassy at Phnom Penh.
    - September 23, 1972: The Amman, Jordan post office discovered and defused four more of the Amsterdam letter bombs. These were addressed to Jordanian officials.
    - September 29, 1972: In Israel, three Jews were wounded when Palestinian terrorists bombed a supermarket in Jerusalem.

    - October 4, 1972: A Malaysian postmarked letter bomb arrived at the Rome office of the United Hias Service, a Jewish immigration facility. The letter bore Black_September inscriptions. Explosives experts defused the device. Seven more letter-bombs mailed from Malaysia were found in the first half of October.
    - October 4, 1972: In France, a bomb exploded in an Islamic bookstore in Paris. A group calling itself Masada, Action and Defense Movement, claimed responsibility. Israel disclaimed any knowledge of the group. No one was injured.
    Masada, Action and Defense Movement claimed responsibility for three small bombing incidents in France. This was the first. Some 16 years later, two separate bombings targeted hostels housing North African immigrants.
    At the scene of the 1988 attacks, anti-Muslim leaflets were found bearing Jewish stars. In a claim of responsibility, a caller to the Nice-Matin newspaper said that "Masada was the secular arm of execution of the national council of French Jewish groups." While Masada, an ancient Jewish fortress and symbol of resistance, implies a Jewish organization was behind the attacks, Jews had nothing to do with these bombings.
    A year later, French police arrested several ultra-right extremists who admitted to carrying out the attacks on the hostels, as well as several other bombings. The perpetrators were not Jewish, but were in fact French racists, who had hoped that the hostel bombings would inflame tensions between Arabs and Jews. The name "Masada" was a smokescreen.
    - October 6, 1972: In the Islamic cesspool of Algeria, Islamic Palestinian students entered the West German Consulate in Algiers and held several hostages for about an hour, demanding release of three Islamic terrorists held in Germany for participation in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. The students left the consulate and the hostages were freed an hour later. Germans adore those who kill Jews.
    - October 10, 1972: Two of the Malaysian-postmarked letter bombs were delivered to two New York women active in American Zionist circles. They opened the envelopes, but the bombs did not explode. Black_September, the darkest of scum, claimed responsibility.
    - October 14, 1972: A clerk in a New York City post office was seriously injured when a letter bomb exploded. The letter, which bore Malaysian postmarks and BSO propaganda, was addressed to a former Hadassah member, the women's Zionist organization. The BSO claimed responsibility.
    - October 16, 1972: In Italy, Awel Abdel Zwaiter, a Palestinian who had lived in Rome for sixteen years and was employed as a translator by the Libyan Embassy, was killed by twelve bullets to the head. The assailants were never caught.
    Intelligence sources indicate that Zwaiter was responsible for the bomb that exploded in the luggage compartment of an El Al flight from Rome in August. He was also the head of Black_September in Italy.
    - October 22, 1972: Four men hijacked a Turkish airliner to Bulgaria and threatened to blow up the plane and its 69 passengers if Turkey did not release 12 terrorist prisoners and reorganize their universities. The four hijackers surrendered to Bulgarian authorities after Turkey refused to meet their demands.
    - October 23, 1972: A Palestinian with an Algerian diplomatic passport, indicating OPEC complicity, was arrested in Amsterdam for importing arms that would later be used by the PFLP. He was freed.
    - October 25, 1972: A letter bomb addressed to a Palestinian businessman in Beirut, Lebanon exploded in his office, injuring his secretary. The firm was a trading company that arranged arms deals with Islamic countries.
    - October 25, 1972: In Libya, Mustafa Awad Abu Zeid, a leader in the PLO, was blinded by a parcel bomb which also injured to two other people.
    - October 25, 1972: Police intercepted letter-bombs mailed in Israel and addressed to President Richard Nixon, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, and Secretary of State William Rogers. The letters were mailed by Black_September from Kiryat Shmona. Suspicious Israeli postal workers intercepted the deadly devices.
    - October 25, 1972: A letter bomb exploded in the Beirut post office, blinding a postal worker sorting letters. The letter was addressed to a Palestinian businessman.
    - October 25, 1972: In Algeria, Abu Khalil, the PLO and Fatah representative in Algiers, was injured when a parcel bomb exploded in his face.
    - October 25, 1972: Three letter bombs were intercepted at the Cairo airport. An Egyptian security officer who was examining the envelopes was injured by the explosion. The letters were addressed to three members of the Cairo PLO office.
    - October 27, 1972: A letter bomb addressed to the PFLP's newspaper offices in Beirut was intercepted in the post office, where it was rendered harmless.
    - October 29, 1972: A Lufthansa Boeing 727 from Beirut, Lebanon to Ankara, Turkey was hijacked and ordered to Munich, Germany by PLO Black_September terrorists. They demanded the right to pick up the three surviving Munich Olympic Games' murderers. The Islamic hijackers threatened to blow up the plane unless the West German government capitulated. They complied, and the hijacked plane was kept aloft while the three Black_September terrorists were flown to Zagreb, Yugoslavia. The hijacked Lufthansa plane landed there to pick them up. The Boeing 727 was then flown to Tripoli, Libya. The hijackers were never captured because, as Jew killers, they were revered in Islamic Libya. In fact, the murderers held a news conference in Tripoli because they were proud of what they had done.
    - October 31, 1972: A letter bomb received at Egypt's London Embassy was rendered harmless.

    - November 3, 1972: A French girl in Jordan, identified as a member of the PFLP, was killed in Amman while handling a bomb. Police reported she had intended to place the bomb in the U.S. Embassy in Amman. The problem isn't race; it is religion.
    - November 13, 1972: Three Islamic gunmen from the Middle East who were Black_September operatives, forced their way into the Paris apartment of Khodr Kannou, a Syrian journalist, and assassinated him. Kannou was writing a book on the Black_September Organization.
    - November 23, 1972: In Jordan, abomb was thrown into the house of an Arab National Union official in Amman. Jordanian authorities arrested three people who confessed to their involvement. They admitted that it was an al-Fatah operation.

    - December 8, 1972: In Australia, a vacationing U.S businessman was killed when a bomb exploded in an automobile parked outside a Serbian Orthodox church in Brisbane. The Ustashi had struck again.
    - December 8, 1972: Seven Ethiopian Islamic students attempted unsuccessfully to hijack an Ethiopian Airlines jet shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa. One of the hijackers exploded a hand grenade which tore a fifteen-inch hole in the floor, damaging electrical wires and some control cables. Eleven passengers and crew were wounded. Six of the hijackers died and one of the women was seriously wounded when she was arrested. The Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement was responsible.
    The Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement was composed of Islamic terrorists who were financed, trained, and armed by the fundamentalist Islamic government in neighboring Sudan. Led by Sheikh Khalil Muhammad Amer, the EIJM claimed to represent the religious and political aspirations of Eritrea's Muslim population (now at 50% and growing). They were however, based in Khartoum, and they commenced most of their terrorist raids from Sudanese soil. The Sudan was the home to the most murderous Islamic regime on the planet.
    The People's Front for Democracy and Justice, the ruling party in Eritrea, has confirmed that the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement's ties with the genocidal Islamic regime in the Sudan facilitates weapons transfer and training sites, and it provides the Muslim militants with a safe haven. The secular government cites the use of weapons of Sudanese origin such as Kalashnikov assault rifles and RPG-7 grenade launchers, as proof of foreign involvement in its internal affairs.
    - December 8, 1972: In France, the chief representative of the PLO and Al Fatah in Paris, Dr. Mahmoud Hamshari, also head of Black_September, was fatally wounded when he answered his telephone. A bomb attached to the table exploded. He lived long enough to tell police that the bomb was actuated by a tone conveyed through the phone by the caller. Palestinian sources blamed the Jews. The Mossad's Wrath of God unit was suspected. Jews have attempted to hold those who murder them accountable.
    - December 20, 1972: Two rockets hit the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Black_September, and thus Arafat, Fatah, and the PLO, were responsible.
    - December 24, 1972: In Germany, a bomb placed against the door of the U.S. Berlin Brigade non-commissioned officers' club exploded.
    - December 24, 1972: A Palestinian terrorist convicted of planning attacks in Scandinavia was freed after spending only one year in jail.
    - December 28, 1972: In Thailand, four members of the Black_September Organization took over the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok and held 12 hostages, one of whom was the Israeli Ambassador to Cambodia, for 19 hours.
    They demanded the release of 36 Islamic terrorists imprisoned in Israel, including the two surviving hijackers of the Sabena plane who were captured at Lod Airport in Tel Aviv on May 8, 1972, and the lone survivor of the May 31, 1972 Lod Airport attack. The Islamic terrorists threatened to blow up the embassy if Thai security forces attempted an assault.
    Two Thai officials and the Egyptian ambassador in Bangkok persuaded the BSO members to release their hostages in return for safe conduct to Egypt. Thai officials said that the BSO were told that December 27 and 28 were important holidays to the Thais because of the investiture of the king's son. They were asked not to do anything to spoil the ceremony. The terrorists, accompanied by Thai officials and the Egyptian ambassador, flew to Cairo on December 29. On January 5, Thailand announced that Israel had agreed to release to their families the bodies of two slain Palestinian hijackers.
  2. raven818

    raven818 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    I don't know what flipped their switch, if anything. The feds announced today ( like it needed announcing ) that America is the major target of terrorists, foreign or home-grown, and cyber attacks targeting our infrastructure.

    Is that really news to anybody? Whats the reason they felt it was necessary to announce this, once again, all across the news spectrum? Smells.

  3. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    because they want you in fear , so you'll all be ready to line up and sign away your rights , your constitution for "security" and to be safe from the islamists

    would it not be easier , cheaper , and faster to deport anyone who is a jihadist ??
    send em to paristan ,
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