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A new love.....

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Today I went into the new local gun store that was supposed to be open. While talkin to him I got a chance to wrap my hands around a 1911 style .22. Don't know what brand, but it's ecactly like the .45 in size. :D:D:D WOW!!! I was instantly hooked on it. Felt right and lined up perfectly. :D

Now to get my first pistol 1911 .45!!!
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Bought the Colt this past summer. Nice shooter. The wife likes it so much , I seldom get a chance to shoot it myself. I think the GSG and others are easier to change ouit parts with other 1911 parts.
Ok looked around on GB fer grins and found what I got to wrap my hands around. Its a GSG .22


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Something I have never had the desire to own.....
Oh don't get me wrong I don't want that one, just a 1911. Due to my tight budget I'll end up with a Rock Island Armory. In .45 of course. Would prefer a Remington but I will have to wait and see what the new gun store can get fer what kind of prices.
I love mine I have a colt officer 1911 45 by far on of my favorite guns


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I looked for one of the Browning 1911-22s for a couple of years before one finally found me. I have a Citadel, a Taurus, and an Auto Ordnance 1911 in .45 and a Taurus in 9mm. The one I really desire is the Ruger SR1911. I have found one, I think, and am just waiting for the $699.95 that it will take to order it.

I had Chiappa 1911-22 that also looked exactly like the standard .45 1911 (from the side). It had a really terrible trigger on it and never got any better as I shot it. I used it as part of the trade in when I got the Browning.
I really want one but it keeps falling down further on the list of guns I 'need'

the browning is what I might go with.... hmmm.... .45 is getting stupid expensive
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