A Remembrance of......

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    "My Three Boys", and Others.....


    He had graduated from High School in '65 from the little school in the area of town that was separate from "us" -- before the schools were desegregated that fall, and before we ALL moved into the newly built, brand-spanking-new high school. Rumors were flying that summer about how bad it would be when the two groups were thrown together under
    one roof, and in the classrooms...racial tensions, possible fights, etc. Some of us were quakin' in our boots...even the teachers, and administration...anticipating what was predicted. But, the initial fear that the rumors had caused was all for naught. At first, the
    two groups kept themselves segrated...hangin' with their own kind...but things soon began to go smoothly in the transition. Sports were mostly male-oriented, except for girl's basketball, and the participation in sports helped the transition...being part of a "team". There were other school-related activities, too, which brought "us" all together.

    I'm sorry this transition didn't happen sooner for kids like Gerald, and "us". Maybe we would have had a chance to know him. He must have enlisted in the Army soon after graduation. I don't know a lot about him, except in speaking to a couple of his nephews about him. He was a CPL in the 101st Airborne Brigade, was badly wounded,
    and died approximately a week later.


    Jimmy was a Senior the year I was in 8th grade. Though we shared the same old, creaky 3-story high school building, and saw everyone in the halls when the bell rang, we didn't share the same classes. Our class was there in the high school building mostly because there was no space for us anywhere else. We only occupied one room there, and there sure wasn't much fraternizing between the Class of '63 and the Class of '68. The 8th grade girls were allowed to be part of the drill team during football season, though. That's how I remember him most ...as a football team member that we were cheering on to victory, or in the face of defeat...on the sidelines and on the football field.

    I don't know what he did between the years he graduated and was drafted
    into the Army. He must have helped out on his family's farm, or perhaps
    taken a job at one of the industries here. He was a SGT in the 196th
    Infantry Brigade at the start of his tour. He arrived in Vietnam on
    3-2-69, and was KIA 18 days later while getting out of a helicopter.


    He was in the class ahead of mine...Class of '67.
    In grade school, we all had the same recess time and would play on the
    playground or organize a quick baseball game or something.
    Summers weren't that much different in that a lot of us would hang out together -- playing sandlot baseball, or at the Little League/Pony League games, down at the park wading in the creek tryin' to catch crawdads or baby snapping turtles, etc.

    We shared several classes in high school. One day, the school principle was subbing in Biology class and had gotten on to several of the boys and told them to "get a haircut". That's when it was just beginning to be popular for the boys to let their hair grow a little long. That night, some of them had been able to get a hold of some form of alcohol, had gotten a little drunk, and shaved each other's head with the shears they used on their FFA show calves/sheep. Then they all came back to class the next day lookin' mighty embarrassed (and actually a little green) about what they'd done. They had nicks and cuts all over their scalps. All the boys gave Mrs. Dickey hell in Spanish class. She was an eccentric ol' bird..and they loved getting under her skin and making her flustered and PISSED!! Mike was a real cut-up, but he was also a pretty quiet kid.

    Our town's pharmacist bred quarterhorses, and had a champion stud called Tater Bar. Mike knew a lot about horses and worked for the pharmacist grooming, feeding, and exercising Tater Bar. I always loved to see Mike riding that horse. I guess that's how I remember him most.

    Mike and Richard got drafted about the same time, and they went in on the buddy system. Mike was an SP4 in the 4th Infantry Division. When Mike was KIA, Richard accompanied his body back home, then went back to the war. I guess you could say Richard was a casualty of that war, too, because of something that happened over the past Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season.

    Also, remembering Luther Rose, James Stride, Donald Westbrook...all from my small county...and for whom I wear a POW/MIA bracelet.
    Remembering those who were buddies of and family of friends.
    Welcome Home, Ronnie and Capt. Rich!

    You are all in my heart.

    And thank all of you for serving and for remembering. Have a safe, happy Memorial Day,
    and go to a Memorial Day Parade, if you can!


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    Your County gave up alot Sharon. Sorry to hear of your personal losses.

    A really thoughtful post and well written.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    God bless them!

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    Sharon, very sad. I echo Homer and Larry's post. I think it's family and friends that suffer the most. War is nothing but cruel and ugly and glorified by the bogus movies. It just plain ain't thata way.

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    I remember meeting your “Three Boys” during one of our late night visits to the Wall.

    Thanks for remembering them and posting their story.

    P. Gary

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    Thank you all for remembering with me.

    P. Gary,

    I'll always treasure those times we were able to share together in DC with our friends, especially those times at the Wall. Hopefully, I'll get back there again someday.