A Seskel & Ebert 2 thumbs up for Tuckerd1

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    I week ago, I placed an add in the WTB section of the forum for a rifle scope. The following day, I received an E-mail from one of our most dedicated members, Mr. Don Tucker AKA/Tuckerd1. Don stated in his E-mail that he had a rifle scope that would just fit my needs and purpose. Don further stated that if I would send him my address the scope would be on it's way to a new home. My new scope arrived today via priority mail, just 3 days after receiving Don's offer to give me the scope I needed.
    Folks! It's people like Don Tucker, who, give freely of themselves, from the heart to meet the needs of others without asking or wanting something in return for himself, that makes this union what it is today. Not a bunch of 207 individual people with a common hobby but a bond for the betterment of the members and their families. In just a short time, I have seen this forum grow from a handfull to the number we have today. It takes people like Don to make this what it is, "A FAMILY". God Bless you, Don, and thank you for being there for me.
    Steve Johnson AKA/BlackGun
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    Thanks Steve. Is that scope going to meet your needs?

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    ...wouldn`t that be one thumb up????? hehehehehe
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