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I rec'd this 27 October 2012...posting per attached request. Chief

Vietnam Veterans' Project - help and advice‏

[email protected]


My name is Todor Ostojic, a London based photographer, and I am writing in relation to a personal project which I am working on. This is a photo documentary project interviewing Vietnam Veterans. As part of my research I have been contacting the major Veterans' Associations in the US, so I am sorry if this is a duplicate request, however, I am leaving no stone unturned for this (in my opinion) important project.

I am based in London, UK, and wanted to ask whether you were aware of any Veterans who are currently residing here, who would be willing to take part in this photo documentary interview project? If you do not know of any living here, are you part of a Veterans' Network for which you would be happy to pass this e-mail request onto, or into a newsletter? I am very keen to pass this on to as many people as possible as I am sure somebody somewhere knows a Veteran in the UK.

I want this project to be on going throughout 2013-2014. Having read numerous accounts from Veterans I want to share their experiences, without any prejudice, to readers through my blog. An important aspect of this project is to have a selection of images of the veteran whilst they were on active duty in Vietnam, and a selection of portraits that I would like to take and have a Now and Then gallery to accompany their accounts.

I am not looking to profit from this, if anything, should any money be made I will donate to a Veterans' Charity.

Also, should you, or someone you know be travelling to London, UK, and would be willing to take part, I would be honoured to hear from you.

Thank you very much,

Todor Ostojic

Reply rec'd back from this party....: Chief

Thank you so much for the swift response and help!
I truly appreciate it.
Like I said in the e-mail, should there be no UK based veterans, then if you, or someone you know is travelling to the UK to please get in touch.
Many thanks and kindest regards
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