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(6/20/01 2:45:30 pm)
| Del All A thank you that needs to be heard....
I read this story at another website. I asked this Marine's permission to re-post it here. Hopefully he finds more information and is able to say thank you...

I was a young Sergeant in 1983, and had just returned from a very bad 6-month deployment. My wife and I took a weeks leave to drive up to Indiana to visit both our parents and to attend my brothers wedding. The trip was a nightmare, It was cold and rainy, the heater in my old 76 Grand Prix went out and to top it off I had gotten a flat tire just outside Knoxville Tenn.

The wife and I were hardly talking to each other by this point and we decided that since Knoxville was about the halfway point of the trip, we would spend the night at a motel. We checked in and decided to go down to the restaurant for some dinner, the only problem was I didn't have any clean cloths to wear except for the uniform I had brought for my brothers wedding. So I showered, put on my winter "Alphas" and the wife and I went downstairs to the restaurant.

It was very nice and darkly lit with a fireplace. We had put away a little money while I was gone, so we decided to treat ourselves a little and ordered steaks, baked potatoes and salad. After a few bears and the warm fireplace I finally started to relax. We sat and talked for awhile and then went to pay the bill. The lady at the register told me it had already been taken care of. This threw me and I figured that there was a mistake. The lady explained that the old couple who had just left had paid, I pressed the issue and the lady finally told me their room number.

The wife and I went to their room and knocked on the door, it seemed like forever but finally and old man came to the door. "Sir" I said, "I believe there has been a mistake, you paid for our meal". The old man smiled and said "No mistake son, my boy was in the Corps, he was killed in Vietnam. I know what you guys go through and I just wanted to buy you a dinner." A knot formed in my throat and I could not say a word, I could only nod and shake his hand. As the door closed I felt my eyes well up. I never got the old mans name. I have posted this on other sites in the hope that some day he will get a chance to read this. That someday he will know how important that one small gesture was to me and that I will finally have a chance to say thank you.

True Story

Semper Fi
J.M. Snyder GySgt. (Retired)

John M. Snyder GySgt.
U.S.M.C. (Retired)
[email protected]

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(6/20/01 3:02:21 pm)
| Del Re: A thank you that needs to be heard....
Wonderful story, Winter! Thanks for sharing it!


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(6/20/01 4:50:45 pm)
| Del Re: A thank you that needs to be heard....
Another great story, Winter.

If you like these kinds of stories written about the little things that make us feel good about being a veteran, I highly recommend a book titled "Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul".

It's a paperback with about 384 pages. List price is $12.95. I bought mine at Sam's Club in the Detroit, Michigan, area for $7.49.

When I read each of these stories I can't help but think they could have been written by any one of the fine people who read and post on this board.

Keep up the good work.

Stan Lambert
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

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(6/20/01 7:56:58 pm)
| Del Re: A thank you that needs to be heard....
Yet another!...there Winter!
...and two hard boiled eggs.

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(6/20/01 8:01:55 pm)
| Del
Re: A thank you that needs to be heard....
Double dittos to all above, Winter. Touching story.

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(6/20/01 10:41:46 pm)
| Del Re: A thank you that needs to be heard....
Wonerful, Winter,,makes a person believe there may actually be hope for the human race
Please keep posting these great stories!!
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