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A trick shot with PAlfa-Proj .357!

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So we were having fun on the range and we decided to make a trick shot for ourself! We choose the Palfa Proj .357 and used the .38 wadcutter!

The point of our trickshot is that you have to split the playing cart and destroy two clay pigeons in one shot! To do the last thing we used an axe to split the bullet in two :)
It was done in one take!

What do you think? :D

**its Alfa-Proj .357.
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I'd like to see the slow mo of the bullet spit. But great shot

I would like to see it to, but a good slo-mo camera costs big bucks, that we don't have... but maybe some day :)
Now that is slicker that owl sh.... doo doo.
Nice shot and set-up!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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