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    Most of you know I am visiting my grandkids in Idaho this summer. Orrin took archery at 4-H this year and My wife and I sent him a nice bow for his birthday. (I posted pictures of it on the forum at the time) Well hes so interested he entered a completion next month. I have been taking him to a nearby range daily for practice. A few days ago we met a person here who for the last 3 days has been giving one on one coaching lessons to Orrin! His name is Mike Gibson, and he is the President of MGM Targets! I liked him so much I have invited him to contact Shooter in hopes he will do a little sponsoring and maybe join our storefront advertizers. He has some really nice targets for rifle and pistols that I thin some of us would be interested in. If He does come on board I know he will be welcomed Heartly by all of us. Orrins and My one experience has been very positive because of this persons giving nature. The same Nature I have found in almost every currant member of TFF!

    If allowed his companys site is http://mgmtargets.com/
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