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    There was a little bar I hung out at, about a mile outside the gate from HQ, MACV, on the way into Saigon. One evening, as I was imbibing in my second favorite passtime, drinking, a half dozen troops from 101st came in. They looked as though they had just came in from the bush. They were all carrying their weapons, of course, and with the magazines in.
    Now, at this time, regs prohibited carrying loaded, personel weapons into any drinking establish. (I know, stupid rule, but I didn't write it).
    Anyway, these guys grabbed a corner booth and proceeded drinking. They got a little rowdy, but generally behaved themselfs. After about an hour, in comes a couple of MPs. One was a PFC and the other a buck Sgt. They look around, and the PFC spots an M-16 leaning against the wall next to one of the 101 guys. It has the mag in. This stupid kid (the PFC) walks over and asked who's weapon it was. Then he sees that all the guys have loaded weapons. Dumb-ass tells the guys to leave the bar with their weapons. The troops by now are a little tipsy, and one tells the PFC to "F----Off, we are leaving as soon as we finish our drinks". Well, dumb-ass lifts the flap on his 45 and puts his hand on the grip and says to leave now! (About this time I was looking for a hidey-hole). When the troops see the MP put his hand on his 45, they all pull up their M-16s and one guy even locks and loads, with his muzzle right in the kids belly! It was VERY hairy about that time. I guess they were drunker than I had thought.
    About then, the buck sgt walks over and sizes up the situation. He slowly eased himself between the kid and the troops, and in a very soft, southern drawl, says: "Why don't you guys go ahead and finish your drinks. We have something to check out back. Hope ya'll enjoy Saigon." and then took the kid by the arm and led him out towards the back.
    You could see the troops were shaken by what had almost happened. I think knew they were wrong, so they knocked down their drinks and left. The buck sgt walked back in and I commented to him how I thought he had handled the situation very well. He just shrugged it off. I really think he saved the kids life, because the troops were really getting into an ugly mood. This was just shortly after the 101st incident at the Phu To racetrack, so nerves were pretty frayed.
    So, thats how one smart MP saved the day. (and probably the lives of all us drunks in the bar)

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