A3 a deal?

Discussion in 'AR 15 Forum' started by Zigzag2, Feb 27, 2003.

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    I bought an olympic arms M4 style with the carrying handle and the A2 iron sights. (I'm used to them from active duty and thats what I wanted originally) However, the dealer I bought from is taking a really long time in getting the order in and recently offered (because he feels guilty about the wait) the same weapon but with the A3 upper, a flat rail and an attachable carrying handle with the A2 sight on it. I understand this is a signifigant upgrade, I thought it at least $120 worth. Am I wrong to be suspicious? thanks, John

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    If he`s offering it for the same price, no problem. Rather have the flat-top option.....makes for a lower and more solid scope mount if you decide to go that route. The removable carry handle is also repeatable (no reseting rear sight). Best LTS
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