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(12/31/02 3:55:46 pm)
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We was recently discussing the No. 9 Accurate powder and that got my nose in the Accurate powder manual.

I see where 5744 powder is combination rifle/pistol powder that is of the extruded granuel type, they claim it is easy to ignite in any position in the brass and being a bulk type that fills the bigger volume brass cases when you want lower pressures with moderate velocities.

Well, I never liked putting a couple of grains in a big brass case like .44 special to keep the pressures down, so maybe this 5744 would nice to try. Of course my main concern would be how clean is it to burn or does it make a big mess in your cylinder and barrel.

I want to load .44 special and .45 AR and acp brass and not worry about case volume and pressures. Plus the fact my revolvers are on the delicate side being over 50 + years old, so easy does it for high pressure loads.

Anyone out there use this 5744 Accurate powder?


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(12/31/02 5:06:39 pm)
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Gunny -

Got some several years ago to make up some moderate powered loads for the .45LC. Use 17.0 gr of AA5744, WLP primer and a 200 gr hard lead SWC.

Use it in a converted cap & ball Remington 1858 replica. Don't really notice dirty barrel from powder, just stripped lead. It seems to be a nice powder for this purpose. Can't recall any excessive smoke or smell to it.

Think it's one of those multi-purpose powders that works well with applications stated.
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*TFF Staff*
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(12/31/02 9:50:51 pm)
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Thanks, Bro...going to get some then.

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