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    Nov 20, 2011
    Thanks for your time.

    Throughout time, there has been many great leaders, who have said many great things. Those on our side, and those of the opposition. None of which hold a candle to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, of the Japanese Imperial Navy. He said; " The mainland of America should never be invaded, because behind every blade of grass would be a man with a gun." This was a smart man. One because he knew his enemy, and two because he knew what had to ultimately be done to stop "US". Without the man on the ground, clearing the rooms, holding the land, there is never complete victory. You can have all the technology in the world, but the man with the gun is the last line. I understand this, being from a vast military background, and understand its real implications. It is because of this that I am writing this post.
    After I got out of the service, I got into construction, because it was the most lucrative thing I could do, and be home with my family. When the market went to hell, I went to the great state of Wyoming. And man was it cold! Anyway, things didn't quite work out there due to a death in the family. I made some money in Wyoming, and when I returned to the state from which I originally departed from, I decided to get into the thing I love most: Firearm Instruction. That is the back story.
    Although I have trained thousands of men to become soldiers in many different areas on this planet (hint hint) I still had no civilian credentials to show insurance companies to obtain liability insurance for firearm instruction. So I went to a few NRA Instructor courses.
    I started out offering my courses to Joe Blow on the street, then going door to door, then mailing out, and so on. No one wanted to bite. The price is reasonable, the setting is adequate, and I am by no means bad to look at? What could be the problem?
    What I have come to realize is that Americans today, although they speak of patriotism, and own all the guns in the world, play COD, and watch FOX news, have no real training, and have no asperation to. Little do most know that Admiral Yamamoto was speaking to the American public, and that the public, and its Militia, is the last line of defense against invasion.
    In short, what I am saying is; just because you have a little pistol and a CCW \ CCH permit, don't think your Rambo, because you are not. All the equipment in the world can't save your asses, if you can't save your own. It is the respondsibility of every American to bear arms, and more importantly, know how to use them. I fear there will be a day that we will all need them. So if you are reading this, train, train, train, and have a great day.

    "It is my firm belief, that if a country's citizens are not fully and truly free, then if not already, they will soon be oppressed, not by protest or rebellion, but through the cheers of millions." -quote by me

    Former ARMY SF Weapons Sgt.
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    " The mainland of America should never be invaded, because behind every blade of grass would be a man with a gun."

    I've never read any source that can confirm this statement.

    While I agree that attacking America would be a bold venture, It's not any outward agression we should be concerned with at this time (short of nuclear war). We are being undermined from within.

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    Nov 20, 2011
    are you one of the one's who is undertrained, as you are very mis-informed about outward aggression? There are horses on their way, and yes I literally mean horses. and please don't quote some basic training experience 20 years ago.
  4. Bobitis

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    I've no idea what yer talking about. :confused:
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    Is there an army on horseback coming our way?
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    Jun 20, 2011
    I'm confused obvious personal attack , but what does it mean , horses, undertrained?

    I don't think the Japanese will attack us , who will but tv's and pc's?
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    i think he means "Four Horsemen" ;). and yes, training is very important. marksmanship is a perishable skill. if you don't get out to the range at least a couple times a month you will lose 90%+ of what you've learned previously. to defend yourself/family/nation while under stress you need to build and maintain muscle memory that overrides adrenaline.

    adrenaline is an awesome thing. it allows you to outrun, outclimb, and outmaneuver many pursuers, while also allowing you to lift several times your own weight and to smash your way through a crowd of attackers.

    but for shooting, not so good. adrenaline gives a significant hit to your fine motor skills which are necessary for accurate shooting. muscle memory will reduce this hit somewhat, but obtaining and maintaining muscle memory requires constant, repetitive, and frequent training.

    now i know i'm the pot calling the kettle black, as i haven't been to the range in months, and haven't received hardly any professional training, but this is due to financial difficulties alone. if i had a job i would be at the range every waking moment that i had time, and i would hire the best trainers i could afford to teach me all the tips and tricks.

    what's your excuse?
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    Not sure why you're so aggressive and personal here, but I would ask you to please direct your personal attacks elsewhere and keep your comments positive. I don't see anywhere where anyone has deemed themselves "untrained" except by you. I'm having difficulty in understanding how you can determine him "untrained" just from one post and just a day or two on this site.... ???? :confused::confused::confused:
    I am in 100% agreeance on your view of American's views and self preservation; I can't however follow any of your illogical Ramboesque beatings of another members comments. may be a better choice for your forum needs; they like hyper-A types there.

    No wonder nobody has signed up for your classes; because you just turned quite a few people away with your lack of class in just 11 posts here.

    Sayanora and SEMPER FI !
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