Advice Needed! Sako AI vs M700 Remington...

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    3/2 I was just "funning" with you, the .22-250 is a helluva accurate varnint round and if I had to recomend one I would probably recommend it over the Swift, if only because it is easier to reload and cases are easier to find...

    I have shot both of my buddies .22-250s , a custom Savage and a custom 700 Remington and they have some SERIOUSLY sweet fact one of them is a custom Savage reworked by JD Jones with the barrel cut to 23" and target crowned, with the trigger the CRISPEST trigger I have ever shot on any rifle, next winter pull a 1/4" thick icycle off your gutters and BREAK it between your hands and that is what it feels like...It is simply SWEET.

    But I guess I don't get it...both buddies load DOWN a little, granted they have VERY accurate loads, but they are not getting much more velocity than they get with their equally SWEET Model 70 and Model 700 custom varmint .223s with the same bullets!

    I think I could load the Swift DOWN a little and save powder, and maybe save barrel life if you believe the naysayers....but WHY?????

    At 4000 the Swift in any rifle chambered for it is at LEAST as accurate as any other varmint gun ever made, (yeah, I believe MORE) and the velocity DOES give impressive results at impact...(The "old TImer" I quote below once had as his tag line "The .220 Swift does VERY bad things to Prairie Dogs....;):D)

    In fact so much my buddy with the 700 is seriously considering rechambering it to .22-250 Ackley Improved....just to hit 4000 and shut me up about the Swift!;)

    That is what attracted me to the Swift when I was a kid in the 1960s.....I heard ALL the claims about "barrel burning," etc....but ever since then you CANNOT buy a loading manual that does NOT compare just about ANY "new" hot .22 varmint round (the-250, .224 Weatherby, .225 Winchester, etc, etc) to the SWIFT!

    Not bad for a round brought out by a FACTORY in 1935....;)

    An old timer here once told me the Swift is the "Top of the Food Chain" when it comes to Varmint cartridges.

    Shoot one and you will know he is right.
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