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    My son is in the USAf and he was to do some 90 day tempory duty tours in Afganistan but since the death of Kim Jong Ill, he might be heading to Asia. He is in Intel and was to go "update" systems at new listening posts as well as train the ones staffing them. I have a nephew in Afganistan now, was wounded 3 months ago but healed in country, and my nephew said it is still a long road for us to ever get out of Afganistan IF we ever do. You have to remember that many countries have been trying to "tame" that region for centuries with no luck at all.
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    the brit's had em sorted , estabished new warlords and would aid in their disputes if fair and brought them under rule for a couple hundred years actually , the kyber pass is in the ghan.. its was brutal yes , totalitarian, yes , but far fairer and just that sharia

    and a lot more profitable too , they had a king or pashar for a good while then the soviets came , the brits keeping them in check until ww1 really .. ww2 saw the MB influence in what was to become pakistan and cause all that crap then..

    a few benevolent dictators ( or nukes , i'm open ) would calm em down some

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    Jack, It probably takes 50 years of support & military presence which means our men dying to Nation Build. Not sure if even attainable in Afghanistan when you consider the remote nature of many places, religion, corruption, and all the other Islamic Countries funding the enemy so they can kill our guys. Not so sure the USA will be attempting any Nation Building in the future either with the economics and all.

    The nephew has some hate on them Afghans; guess normal people getting shot up and all. He seemed to think the people out in the country didn't really want any of our aid, development projects, democracy, ect, ha ha; just wanted to be left alone and us to go home too. Like you said about taliban right back in after we pull out. He was telling me about 15 year old kids they had shot and then had to fly them to hospital. Interpreter told nephew the kids said God told him to kill Americans; pretty tough thing to deal with.

    Nephew said that wasn't good idea having 25-50-100 reg army or marines at FOBs or based near villages as they took too many casualties from the locals and their friends the insurgents. He seemed to think the Special Forces Units were so much better trained, prepared, and effective in those applications. I wonder, can we keep a token presence in Afghanistan and not also have 50-100 K troops based there and accomplish the goals; probably not?

    He was also telling me how the Russkies used everything they had, including poisoning as many and nerve gassing as many of them as they could in Afghan, but still they bugged out too.

    I spent 13 months in Korea in early 70's. They still had infiltrators coming down from the north even back then 20 years after the so called cease fire, but look at how South Korea has developed today because of our presence there. Then too, the USA likes keep 2nd Inf Div in Korea in case anything jumps off over there in that part of Asia. When I first got to Korea, the Koreans caught a fishing boat from the North that had been blown off course, bunch of 15-20 year old kids; but they hung them after military tribunal just the same. I think mostly for the People's consumption as everybody from miles around showed up to see the hanging.

    Ya, America always seems ready to send in the troops, which often needs to be done, but never ready to stay the course to the end, then too maybe bitter end sometimes. But all because of our politics. When ya think about the lives lost, ya wish we'd end up being a little more successful.

    Nephew doesn't mind going over for 4 months at a time, really professional about it all. I just wish they'd send him before or after not during hunting season; so he could kill another moose with me like last Sept.
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    My oldest son is in the Army. He got his orders to go to Korea in April about one month ago.
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