Aire Ya Ailin?

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    Treat ailing houseplant with GERITOL. Give the plant two tablespoons of Geritol twice a week for three months. Within the first month, new leaves should begin to grow.
    Charlie D

    Eat tha plant leaf by leaf OR
    getcher pipe out......
    Whatevar gets yer greese HOT!
    (Not recommendad by Home an Gardans)
    Jus howcuda ya bann Geritol?

    OK ---- go ahead an moov this ta tha PUMPHOUSE --- rite?

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    Charlie the Geritol leads to Viagra and there lies the root of the problem.

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    I'm a ailin'... I've got a dad-gum hitch in my get-a-long! And sides that my get-up has got-up and went!
    And the worst part of it, I did'nt see it till it was out-of-site

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