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(9/7/01 1:47:17 pm)
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Finally made it to the range today in between cloud burst of wet stuff. Son and I managed about 45 minutes before it started coming down again. The benches were shed roofed with corrigated metal but the lightning was getting rambunches and we decided to call it a day.

However, we did manage put 40 rounds out of the end of the pipe on the AK and it was a sweet experience to say the least. Recoil and noise factor were no worse than shooting a 7.62 X 39 SKS. In fact, I think the recoil was slightly less. But that 5.45 X 39 bullet is like horrizontal lightning, man, it shoot flat as a pool table at a little over 100 meters. I was shooting at a round rock about the size of basket ball at that range. And even with my poor clouded vision I was getting a lot of hits being spotted by my son.

I can't wait to get a nice side mount and scope for this rifle, it is an extremely accurate firearm. I am very happy with this weapon that the commies have made and I can only hope they make and send us many more. The American patriot will be well armed with this equipment and it won't cost him an arm and a leg to buy them either.

This 5.45 X 39 punches hard and is a pure delight to shoot, I recomend it to one and all.


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(9/7/01 6:06:37 pm)
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Sounds like ya had lots of fun, Gunguy -

Let us know how things work out with the scope and all!
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