AK feeder problems

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    Okay I love my AK-47 and it shoots great when it doesn't jam. My question here is how can I go about telling if it's really shitty ammo or the gun?

    My brother thinks it is a feed ramp problem, but his friend and myself think it's the Wolf ammo I was shooting. When we got home we did some comparisons of ammo so I'm leaning to the ammo but I won't have a chance to find out till the next time I go shooting.

    Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    When you load your magazines, make sure to sharply rap the back of the mag against your palm or leg to make sure the rounds are seated against the back side of the mag. This may solve some of the problem. Also some of the Wolf brand ammo (specially hollow points) had harder primers. Next time you shoot, compare a mag load of Wolf with a mag load of something else to track the problem.
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    If you have more than one mag, mark them somehow so you can keep track.
    When you have sporadic malfunctions, see if it keeps happening with the same mag.

    A more detailed description of the failures would help in diagnosing, too - jamming during feed, or eject, last few rounds in a clip, FIRST rounds in a clip?

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