AK47 folding stock question

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    I have an older AK imported by GSAD. There are companies selling the folding screw in adaptors. Is it legal to install as some say you must have the part already installed.

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    Re: AK47 folding stock question
    If the rifle was configured as an 'assault weapon' prior to the ban, you may install the folding stock. So, if it could accept detachable high-capacity magazines, had a conspicuous pistol grip and a bayonet lug before the 1989 importation ban you CAN attach the folding stock.
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    Don`t butcher the receiver, most of these add/on stocks require drilling the back of the receiver and sometimes tack welding a nut. All value is lost, since this is a preban... DON`T DO IT! I have passed over many quality rifles like these for that very reason. Regards LTS
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