Alabama Shooter a Leftie?

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    Complete article here.

    ‘Oddball’ portrait of Amy Bishop emerges
    Suspect’s family, pals offer clues
    By Laurel J. Sweet, Jessica Van Sack, Jessica Fargen and Ira Kantor
    Monday, February 15, 2010 - Updated 21h ago

    As authorities searched for clues into what could have sent a University of Alabama neurobiology professor on an alleged killing spree, friends and family yesterday described Braintree native Amy Bishop as an awkward introvert on the brink of losing her teaching job.

    Bishop’s husband, James Anderson, told the Herald his wife had been fighting the university for over a year about a tenure denial, and several months ago received a final decision. She was upset, but not overly emotional, approaching her appeal “like a game of chess,” he said.

    Police in Huntsville, Ala., charged Bishop, 44, with capital murder after she allegedly opened fire on six colleagues at a faculty meeting Friday, killing three. Afterward, she calmly called her husband and asked him to pick her up as if nothing had happened, said police Chief Henry Reyes.

    “She was an oddball - just not very sociable,” said Sylvia Fluckiger, a former lab technician who worked with Bishop in 1993.

    Bishop acknowledged at the time being questioned in the bombing attempt of a Harvard medical doctor evaluating her on doctorate work, a professor with whom Bishop was known to quarrel, Fluckiger said.

    Reyes confirmed he is working with the FBI to learn more about why Bishop was a suspect in the attempted bombing of Dr. Paul Rosenberg, who received a double-pipe bomb in the mail on Dec. 19, 1993. He ran from his Newton home with his wife, escaping without injury. The bomb never exploded.

    “She was quite cavalier about it,” Fluckiger said of Bishop’s description of her interview with police. She said Bishop “grinned” as she described being asked by cops whether she’d ever taken stamps off an envelope and fastened them onto something else. “I cannot tell you what the grin meant,” Fluckiger said.

    Seven years prior, Bishop shot her brother to death in Braintree in an incident that was ruled an accident at the time.

    But Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier has raised questions about the handling of the case, and officials are investigating missing records in the 1986 death of 18-year-old Seth Bishop.

    A classmate of Seth Bishop’s recalled yesterday that the boy, who was “painfully shy,” never talked about his older, only sibling.

    “It was as if he was a complete stranger in her life. It seemed like a dysfunctional family. We just accepted them as being odd,” said the classmate, who spoke to the Herald on condition of anonymity.

    Amy Bishop, he said, “wasn’t mean because she wasn’t someone you could get close to. She wasn’t an attractive girl, she didn’t have friends. She didn’t work at having friends. I think people probably, over time, learned to leave her alone.”

    The Bishop household, he said, “was anything but a home . . . It was just a really dreary, dark place where there wasn’t a lot of love.”

    Meanwhile, in an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education, Anderson said he was searching for the “trigger” to his wife’s breakdown, and that he wondered whether an e-mail message - potentially in the form of a final tenure denial - might have upset her, because university higher-ups were known to send “nastygrams” on Fridays.

    A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children - the youngest a third-grade boy - was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.

    But Mercedes Paz, a Brookline biochemist who also oversaw Bishop’s work in 1993, described her as a friend and a likable woman.

    “She was a very good person,” said Paz, 81. “She was respectful and she did what she was supposed to do. I never saw anything that could make me think she was violent.”

    Not only a female mass murderer, and maybe a serial killer with the brother thrown in, but a left winger too? Why aren't we hearing about her left leaning politics on the MSM's??

    I think because it looks to them like the round peg and the square opening equation.

    What say you?
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    Wow,a liberal that kills people.Now theres a profile the FBI might want to look into?


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    This story is truely wierd.... :confused:

    She was one of their own.... :eek:

    Sounds like there's been " a leak in the gas tank" for a long time....:rolleyes:
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    And notice how that very revealing tidbit is BURIED in the bottom of the story.

    Nope, nope, that was in NO way planned that way.

    Journalism 101 - that should have been the OPENING sentence to the story - why? - Because that IS the story. :mad:

    The media is complicit in hiding and defending these people.
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    Why is the "fair and impartial" media not mentioning this? Because only evil, racist, hatemongering, greedy capitalist, ignorant, right-wing extremists who are bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles go off on shooting sprees. The smart, open-minded, intelligent, well-adjusted, useful left-wing Obama worshipers never do something so evil:rolleyes: Besides, guns are evil and so are gun owners. A true believer in The Great Hussein, King-Emperor Barack I, His Great Awesomeness and All-Knowing Teleprompter would NEVER EVER do something as EVIL as touch a gun!:eek:

    A left-wing whackjob that goes on a shooting spree does absolutely nothing to further the lie spewed by the media that right-wingers are the source of all evil in the world. They'll use the story as more "proof" that more gun control is needed, but they'll gloss over the fact that this shooter was an Obamite.
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