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    Hey all,
    This is copied from GB, just wanted to keep you informed brfore it got nuked.


    I don't visit this forum very often, so this is just a note to let everybody know about my experience dealing with ALAN BLANK of Venice, CA, who may or may not ALSO do business as RED STAR MILITARY MUSEUM & SALES in Culver City CA.
    He sells on several boards and auction sites.
    Mr. Blank auctioned off a Bomb Disposal Suit on both Auction Arms and eBay simultaneously (his user ID is sig380 at both). He stated in the title that the suit was complete.
    Because I do Bomb Disposal work as a Public Safety Bomb Technician, I was excited to win the suit. However, I didn't see several parts in any of the photographs that would be included in a 'complete' ensemble,including some cooling and power supply parts, armor plates, and the suits' sleeves . So, I emailed him, and he replied that he didn't have the cooling or power supply parts, but that the sleeves were there.
    Auction came and went, and I was the only bidder. I sent him a US Postal Money Order within 24 hours of learning his address. Pokey sent me the suit roughly three weeks and 20 - something emails later - minus the sleeves, but to his credit included the battery packs and cooling gear.
    However, it's easier to homebrew a battery pack than a sleeve, and I *DID* ask before I bidded if the sleeves were present. He ignored a few emails, then I tracked down his home number and woke him up. He said he'd check with the guy (he consignment sells things), and he thought the guy still had them.
    After waiting a week or so, I tried to email him to find out he changed his email address. I found his new address, and said I wanted the sleeves or some of my money back. He replied quickly saying nope. But, I could send it back. Checking his feedback, some people haven't got their funds back, and now I make five or six unhappy people in the past couple of months.
    I don't expect anybody to be able to help me, but I want YOU to know the kind of 'gentleman' you are sending your hard-earned dollars to.
    Thanks for your time,

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    I can understand this guy's frustration, but. Why would anyone who does bomb disposal work buy a suit from an online auction ? Just doesn't add up to me.

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    Good question, couldn't he get it cheaper from a supply store affiliated with the PD?

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    I don't do EOD but have been to ATF's Advanced Bomb Disposal School! There is something wrong with this picture! His agancy, if advanced enough to have a bomb squad, should have the proper equiptment to assure the safety of their officers!.

    But, then again, I've seen the volunteer firemen go out and BUY Code 3 light Bars and in grill sirenes, wigg Waggs and storbes so they can drive there Ford F150's to a fire at 100 + MPH too! Go, figure!
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