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(4/28/02 5:00:24 am)
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I'm considering buying a Ruger No. 1 chamberd for 375 H&H Magnum or one of the more powerfull cartridges. Has anyone got any experience with this rifle regarding precision, function and durability? Should I consider other brands?

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(4/28/02 12:37:01 pm)
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I have 6 Ruger firearms my Mk-1 I have owned since 1966 and I think it was bought in 1956
I have never had a problem with a Ruger.Never owned any large caliber Ruger rifles but I can't imagine their workmenship would be any different in the .375 as it is in a Mk-1 .22..A really great American company!!

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(4/28/02 12:40:56 pm)
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Re: Ruger
The Ruger #1 is one of the best single-shot rifles ever built. Definitely one of the classiest.

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(6/18/02 8:51:38 pm)
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I have a 375 h n h in a Ruger # 1. It is a fine piece but kicks like Festus's mule. Also the scope rings seat at extreme left so I never have been able to set a scope on it. So it is shot on the forth of July. Regards TWR

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(9/16/02 2:22:33 am)
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The Ruger #1, is accurate, well built, has good fit and finish, and in .375 H&H, will shoot right along side any rifle chambered in the same caliber. Consider a good recoild pad be iistalled.
Presently I have a Ruger #1, .375 H&H, as well as an Encore. I had my Model 70 Stainless rebarreled to a larger caliber, but it shot MOA as well.
The .375 seems quite versitile with bullets from 235 grains on up.
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