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    Hi all,

    My SIG came today, but they screwed the order up and sent
    the alloy frame instead of the stainless.
    Is the pot metal frame usable in .45? I don't want to have a

    I am considering keeping it to tote, as it is light. I wouldn't
    be shooting a lot of ammo thru it, just enough to limber it up and keep it functioning.

    I have a 96 Beretta and it is a dream to carry.

    But how durable are these frames? Beretta says the .45 Cougar has a life of 30,000 rounds.

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    Factory alloy frames may be OK but I wouldn't trust an aftermarket frame. I had 3 break with in the first 25 shots on some 1911 frames I built 45's on. So i'll stick with steel.
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    Re: Alloy frames on SIG, Beretta durability question
    The P220 was alloy framed since its introduction, never heard of one breaking. Colt LW Commanders also come to mind. You might have some problems if you decided to shoot a 10,000 round torture test.

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