Alox mix vs. Pan-Lube

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  1. bayhawk2

    bayhawk2 New Member

    Nov 9, 2010
    Which is really better?The Liquid Alox is just so simple.
    Squirt a little in a Folgers 2 Lb. plastic container,a tad
    of mineral spirits,add the bullets,shake and roll around
    a bit,pour onto wax paper and let dry.
    Pan-Lube?Well we all know the process.Heat up the mix,
    take the bullets and do the stack in the silicone pan thing.
    So is Pan-Lubeing really better?Does Liquid Alox get the job done?
  2. mikld

    mikld Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2009
    Both methods have worked for me. With alox, I thin with mineral spirits, swirl, and set them base down on wax paper/tin foil. The thinned alox will drain down off the nose of the bullet, keeping the seater die cleaner. Lately I've been using 45-45-10 (alox, Johnson's Paste wax, mineral spirits) with good results. I mostly TL my wadcutters and low powered Special ammo (38 and 44) but many have used alox on rifle ammo up into the 2000+ fps range. I like pan lubing and I make my own Speed Green and use Carnuba Red and 50-50. Sometimes adjustments are made (addition of paraffin or lanolin) to ease "punching out" bullets from the cake or I use a cutter for stubborn lubes. Neither method, tumble or pan lubing, is any messier than you are. I don't have any problems with drips, spills, goopy hands or messy tools/pans, etc. I don't have a lubersizer and don't plan on getting one soon as these two methods along with my Lee sizer dies is doing everything I need for shooting cast boolits...

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