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    Yesterday, 9 July 2013, in Prescott, Arizona the nation was honoring the fallen forest-fire fighters...There were seemingly, hundreds of the typical bag-pipes playing, AMAZING GRACE...This rendition of the song was sent around this morning performed on this strange looking device called a pan flute...Chief

    I have seen the Pan Flute instrument before, but I had never seen this particular player. He is very impressive. His name is David Doring. He is 33 years old and was born in Kazakhstan, Central Asia in 1980. Their official language is Turkic Kazakh.

    It's amazing how they can get all the sharps and flats needed musically out of a Pan Flute. You may not understand Kazakh, but you will understand the music, the universal language to mankind. Check out the music and the scenery in the 3:13 video:

    Amazing Grace -
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