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Weren't these '88 Commission Rifles chambered in .318 bores? I seem to recall that they are similar to the common 8mm Mauser as found today - but that the bores are much smaller than the 8X57mm Mauser (.323) and should not be fired with the more modern/available today 8X57mm Mauser ammunition because of a possibility of blowing the rifle apart.

Just throwing this out because of a possible safety issue with someone who hasn't heard of it. I've never known of anyone trying it and I don't know if the newer round with the larger diameter bullet would even chamber in the old Commission '88s with the smaller diameter interior sized bore.
the 1905 rework to .323 bore, depending on where it was done, has a notch on the rear of the receiver ring, and the S stamp for Spitzer bullets. I couldn't tell you on that one, but I wouldn't shoot it until I had a gunsmith check it out.
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