American Muslim Group Warns Muslims Against Working in Law Enforcement

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    Actually i'm all for this .... get the corruption outta the police

    in fact get em outta every government type role

    The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) cautioned American Muslims in a 22-page Arabic-language paper
    in 2008 against working in law enforcement in countries which do not
    rule by Allah's dictates. One of their main concerns was that such work
    might cause Muslims to gain love and respect for secular laws:

    ...there are many evils which result from working in law enforcement,
    the greatest of which is compelling people to obey rulings which do not
    come from Allah. It could also cause reverence and love for these
    rulings to enter the heart of the police officer, and perhaps spread to
    the hearts of his family members and other Muslims who see him at the
    mosque or even Muslims in general. They could lose conviction of governance by Allah, and become pleased with a legal system that does not come from Allah. (italics added)
    AMJA provided some allowances for Muslims to work in certain law
    enforcement professions, fearing that a lack of Muslim representation in
    this sector could bring negative effects for the Muslim community. They
    also reasoned that Muslims working as police officers might be able to
    use their positions to help the Muslim community, such as helping out
    with traffic near their mosques and protecting their mosques. Still,
    there was concern that some of these might be required to enforce laws
    contrary to the shari'a, such as "arrest[ing] a Muslim man whose wife
    said he 'raped' her."

    The AMJA paper specifically forbade Muslims from working for the FBI or
    in national security positions, due to their alleged arbitrary targeting
    of certain Muslims for "their political beliefs, charity work, or some
    of their convictions under the shari'a"--an apparent reference to
    counterterrorism investigations against Muslim suspects.

    The paper also made clear that Muslims are to seek justice not in
    secular courts, but in Islamic courts which are compliant with their
    shari'a: "It is not permissible to pursue justice in the man-made (i.e.
    non-Islamic) judiciary, except where there is an absence of a
    shari'a-compliant substitute capable of restoring one's rights and
    working out one's grievances" (see my translation of another AMJA paper
    on working in the judiciary here).

    Throughout the paper it is made clear that the duty of Muslims is not to
    uphold and respect the laws of the land in which they reside, but
    rather to do everything in their power to make the laws of Allah--the

    [Muslims are] to seek through legal means which exist in the countries
    in which they reside to make it possible for themselves to seek legal
    recourse in their shar'ia, and (not only) for personal affairs.
    The duty to make Islam supreme comes above all, even preserving one's life:

    We must remember that preserving the religion comes before preserving
    one’s self, mind, wealth, honor, or offspring. [...] But if saving [the
    individual's] life destroys Islam, then saving Islam comes first, even
    if it means the individual is destroyed. This is the case with jihad
    against the infidels, and the killing of apostates, and so forth.
    It is worth stressing once again that AMJA--whose stated purpose is to
    "clarify the rulings of the sharia which are relevant for those who live
    in America"--is a mainstream American Muslim organization. Their
    membership list contains a large number of highly-influential American
    imams and Muslim leaders, including Muhammad al-Majid of the Adam Center
    in Virginia; Hussein Hamed Hassan, director of the financial
    consultancy firm which advises Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and other
    large American banking institutions; Zulfiqar Ali Shah, former
    president of Islamic Circle of North America and current executive
    director of the Fiqh Council of North America; and the author of this
    paper, Dr. Hatem al-Haj, MD, PhD, a fellow at the American Academy of
    Pediatrics, and founder and president of "Building Blocks of Islam."
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    I would think the rules for muslims would give special dispensation to muslim cops. Nothing like having an ace-in-the-hole when the SHTF. I have no doubt at all that the rest of the departments police are keeping an eye on them. Profiling, yep.

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