American Troops in Azerbajan, Saudi Arabia

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    Do you think we are about to invade Iran? I have googled articles online that say we have forces already in Azerbajan, Saudi Arabia. Could this be why we are pulling out of Iraq???

    I hope not, many of those guys have seen enough action to last a few lifetimes. Besides we can't afford another war. We can't afford this war. The equipment has taken a beating also. We need to make desperate budget cuts and regroup. There is so much waste in the US government. We need to attack this debt like we did WW2. Our government needs to Ration, sacrifice, etc.

    Should we close some of these bases to save money? Especially in friendly countries.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Azerbaijan, now Australia has troops and support air there too , all for engineers and builders ATM

    theres a base being built and yes theres a threat of a attack

    also theres a gas field being brought online that will help feed the EU and bring in cash for the region , if they can do this and prevent the jihadists from swaying folks before the good from the new wealth can take effects , they hope for a reverse of the regional situation

    also as a base for the missile defence sheild there

    also that radio stuff they do with that

    i've read there will be 2000-3000 US troops based there when the base is operational
    and why the Russians are kicking up such a stink but are also hopeing the US will be the new whipping boy for the caucus based jihadists and your team aint stupid

    2000 with 30-40 tanks and bradleys and 6 or so attack choppers and a similar amount of troopships will stop any attack real fast

    As for the saudi stuff i dunno , but i've a mate on the ground in Azerbaijan and i'm getting my info from him

    yes there are troops in Australia

    you have a platoon of folks at Pine Gap some USN guards at the US berth in Sydney Brisbane and Perth Harbours

    and the rest are at the three embassy buildings you have here or the 14 liaison staff ( 6 at DSD )

    its hardly a force , though i'd not mess with the platoon at pine gap .. Nor the Marine Guards at the Embassy ( all six of them)

    you would have this in other friendly nations

    EDIT i forgot we cross train so some of your folks come here and learn our stuff and we learn your stuff , so maybe a battalion at a time and your pilots do survival school here maybe 12 at a time

    You had 55 naval staff ( re-fuelers and guards) in NZ while the blockade was on as non nuclear ships where not affected )
    And i can personally attest that the troops in Cambodia are weapons specialists helping MAG and CMAC , I was both a Instructor at CMAC and later a civilian consultant there and met the entire US "force" in Cambodia in a bar a couple of times, I may have some pic's, theres one here of the Russian contingent to Cambodia i know ( and me holding a Krink on them all ;) )

    so the published list maybe accurate but its easy to take out of perspective

    yes Iran is a big risk at the moment but that it is being prepared for , i dunno yet

    outside of Israel i dont think there is active movement on "our" side that way yet , but yes the whole region has activity Kazakhstan and all the other little stan's are getting attentions , good will stuff mostly , as the whole region has a heavy muslin influence that is not yet radical and theres serious efforts to ensure they dont go that way , training nations in operations and procedures , you'll find the FBI has instructors to 50+ countries as well, as there is also the investigative side of chasing bad guys , this too is "goodwill" and part of the war on terror , bad yes but not Iran focused , yet ... and maybe it will do what its hoped to do and cut off a horror story before its written

    A lot of this is huff and bluff maybe some is a psyop? i dunno

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