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    Dec 17, 2008
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    I have been searching for an ammo cross reference for all ammo. ie: 308 - 7.62X51. I need all caliber rifles. I am searching for ammo that will fit in many guns.
    I have a 30-30, 308, 30-06, 7.62X39, 243.
    Will 30-30 bullet fit in 308 and 30-06 cases?
    What powder would you suggest for high power rifles?
    Is there a site I can find all this information?

    Thanks everyone, yall have been so much help in the past.
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    This site will tell you different names for the same cartridge (i.e. 30/30 = 30 WCF) That seems like it would answer your first question.

    >Will 30-30 bullet fit in 308 and 30-06 cases?< Yes it will, but there are better choices. 30/30 is almost always chambered in a gun with a tubular magazine. Because of this, 30/30 is almost always loaded with a flat-point or round-nose bullet. To reach the potential of a 308 or a 30/06, you would want to load a pointed bullet, which could cause a magazine explosion if loaded into a 30/30.

    Powders to work will all those calibers you list except the 7.62x39, I would recommend IMR 3031, IMR 4895, 4895 or WW 748. I can only find loads for the x39 with H4859 (of those four powders).

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    You might enjoy a copy of the book "Cartridges Of The World".

    Bullets made for the .30-30 will likely have a bit thinner jacket as they are expected to perform at lower velocities than typical bullets fired from .308s or .30-06s and the typical 7.62X39 bullet is of .310 dia rather than the .308 dia of most other 30cals. What is your weapon of choice for the 7.62X39 cartridge?
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    a really neat load for the .30-06 that i use is 110 gr. sierra hp loaded to 3500 fps from my 1903A3. it really turns coyotes inside out:D