Ammo testing - CCI, American Eagle (Fed), Remington

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    Reply Ammo testing - CCI, American Eagle (Fed), Remington
    I went to the range on Saturday and tested five different types of ammo at 25 yards, steadying my arms on the bench table and my gun rug. The gun was a Buckmark Target model with a Tasco Propoint3 red dot sight. I worked out a consistent repeatable hold on the gun and posted the below numbers:

    American Eagle (Federal) High Vel. HP - 1.0 inch group
    Remington Gold HP - 2.0 inch group
    CCI Standard Velocity - 2.1 inch group
    CCI Pistol Match - 2.3 inch froup
    CCI Stinger - 2.5 inch group

    I repeatedly tested to make sure my testing was repeatable and consistent. I did not have one misfire or failure to feed with any of the ammo.

    I had never tried the American Eagle, and the range had a few boxes, so I tried it and was very impressed. Additionally, I like the fact that the Remington shot so well, because it is cheap ( $9.50 for 550 count box)!! Overall, I would be happy to shoot targets with any of this ammo. Without bench resting, the accuracy would likely be a wash between the Remington and CCI. The Stinger has much more of a blast than the other ammo.

    I am going to test some more because I enjoy getting the data and the challenge. I would like to figure out a standard testing procedure.


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    Reply Re: Ammo testing - CCI, American Eagle (Fed), Remington
    Got good results with American Eagle AE5022, HV Lead.
    2.5" @50 ft Offhand out of my P22 yesterday.
    At $12.99 a brick, it works for me!
    CCI Stds is what I use with my 10/22.
    The muzzle flash of Stingers out of the 3.42" P22 barrel is cool!

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    Reply Re: Ammo testing - CCI, American Eagle (Fed), Remington
    It's too bad that rifles in general are not consistant and have their dislikes and likes, what my gun likes yours may not and vice versa. So the main thing is everyone has to see what their guns are fond of. Going to the range and spending a few hours to see what your gun likes though is not a bad way to spend some time Jim

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    Reply Re: Ammo testing
    Thanks Jbobin for the posting.
    The Remington Gold HP results mirror my excellent results with them in my Buckmark rifle.
    Best deal going and so far I haven't had any other ammo beat them. I'll try the American Eagle next time I have a chance. Bill
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