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Ammunition question

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I just won an auction for a Remington Model 341 to go along with my Model 24 automatic and Model 12 pump. The 341 was manufactured in June of 1936 and loads 22 shorts, longs and long rifle ammunition. I use CCI standard velocity ammo in the earlier Remingtons because they were built before high velocity ammunition and I don’t want to damage them.

Should I use the standard velocity in the 341 or can it handle the newer ammo?

Also, is there anything out of the ordinary I should know about the rifle?
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That is a pretty strong rifle so I wouldn't worry about using high speed ammo, but still if you can get standard velocity, why not use it?

Two reasons for not using standard velocity. 1 Availability. Only a couple of places in town stock it. 2 Cost. the they want $13 per hundred. I latched on to 2,000 rounds at $8 per hundred at a gun show recently but I can get the 550 bulk at Wally's for $20.

I usually go to the range three times a week and typically run 100 rounds through the older rifles, maybe 40 to 50 rounds through a modern 22 automatic pistol and maybe 30 to 40 rounds of 9mm. I don't shoot well, so it takes a lot of ammunition to make nice holes in the paper.

I love these old guns and would like to leave them in good condition to someone who will appreciate them when I'm gone.
The solution to not shooting well is to shoot more often.

Your rifles will handle the higher velocity, possibly avoid the cci minimags; but please do be aware that the cheaper "bulk" ammo does tend to be a little inconsistent in performance compared to the more expensive stuff. You will not get match performance out of it.
Please take your time shooting and ask the other guys at the range for advise, some issues will stand out to a more "seasoned" shooter; should you have a "death grip" on the forend of the rifle for example, expect to have your grip affect the shot placement.
I have been shooting over 40 yrs and still learn from those about me. Sometimes it is just what NOT to do.

Also, some rifles have a distinct preference for a certain ammo, buy a variety and see which performs better in what gun.

Above all, welcome and have fun!
I have a 1937 Rem. 341 "Sportmaster" and it's replacement, a 1942 Rem. 512 "Sportmaster". Both are excellent quality, very accurate rifles. They are from the old days when the steel was good and strong. I shoot modern .22LR ammo in both guns without any problems. The pressure developed in a .22 are not going to harm your classic rifle.
I think youd be fine to shoot bulk pack high velocity ammo in any .22LR chambered firearm no matter its vintage so long as it still locks up tight and the bore is in good shape. Just steer clear of the hypervelocity stuff..

Federal automatch is a good all around choice for any .22LR. I also like the winchester Xpert .22s as well. They are among the best of the bulk packed .22 ammo you can get a wally world. As to better stuff I like CCI. Heck the blaser ammo is even great shootn stuff.
Thanks for all of the helpful information. Not many rifle shooters at the range but I am a faithful listener. I'll make a mental note to not grasp the forearm with a Godzilla grip.

I successfully use the Automatch in my modern .22s and will probably use it in the 341. I'll reserve the standard velocity for the pre-high velocity rifles. I’m taking CHW2021’s advice and heading to the range now.

every gun has it's own preference of ammo, some are finnicky and only like one or two things, others will hurl anything into the x ring for you. CCI tends to be most accurate off the shelf but stuff like Eley, std vel Winchester and other target rounds can usually do better (at least in target rifles). Std Velocity shouldn't be knocked too bad, if your gun shoots it well then that's what I would buy, regardless of price. I'd rather spend twice as much per round and know that every single one will hit it's mark rather than shoot (less accurate) ones that cost less.

But I have to agree that std vel is much harder to find these days, had to search high and low for my old winchester stuff about 6 years ago and haven't seen the real good stuff I used to shoot in my 52B target rifle anywhere lately.

I've always had good luck with most of winchester's and CCI's stuff (even the old yellow brick PMC stuff was pretty good), I steer away from most of Remington's .22's, they (at least used to be) historically the worst for accuracy. Eley has some fair priced stuff and used it on occasion for target rifle, even Wolf is supposedly good although I've not tried wolf myself.

so trial and error is my .02 and the most tried and true I think. Sounds like you're well on track though, good luck!

I will have to try the automatch, I bought a couple bricks of it but have not shot it yet (in the rem 597 the wife has, cannot get it to shoot for crap). I have high hopes and it's not too expensive. Just bought a couple thousand M22 from winchester to try also.
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Speaking of eley.. I have been finding the cheap Aguila stuff to shoot quite well. I Particularly like the SSS ammo with the 60 gr subsonic bullet. They hit very hard from a handgun.
I like aguila's stuff, gunshows always seem to have a bunch of it. The 60gn subsonic is a nice round, still loud from a pistol but in a rifle unsuppressed, it is quiet and has a good amount of oomph.
Alot actually for the bullet weight. Its nothing more than a short case crammed to the hilt with propellant and a heavy for cartidge bullet on top. They start to tumble after about 100 yds due to the 16 twist bores of .22s but inside 75 yds they are dead ass on.
they do look goofy, the short case and the huge bullet that makes the COAL the same as a LR. I never tried them at longer range, didn't even think about the barrel not having enough twist to stabilize that long of a projectile. I wonder if anyone has made a custom rifle in .22 LR for bigger bullets like that? could be a nice single purpose gun.
Yep. They actually shoot quite nicely from .22LR conversions in 9 twist .223 ARs.
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