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    I always enjoy reading Ray Thomas. He has a certain way about him that is ... well, truthful. :D
    Cuttin' through the Bull #178
    Naked "Bully Power"
    By Ray Thomas Copyright © 2003


    Do you know what an "ex post facto" law is? That's a law that did not exist yesterday, but which can be enforced today as if it did. That means what you do today legally can be made illegal the next day and you will suffer the consequences. That is patently unconstitutional. This is what the Constitution says:

    Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the United States: "No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed." One sentence, and very clearly stated. What part of "no ex post facto Laws shall be passed" don't the criminals running this government understand? [Emphasis mine. -RT] That's just one way governments rape their citizens every day when they make laws that are designed to take effect before they are signed into law and enforce them as if they actually existed.


    Then they make regulations that cite specific statutes that do not say anything like what they want you to believe they say, leaving their regulation "hanging out there naked" without statutory backing. Yet they enforce them as if they had the force of law behind them. They do it by simply acting as if their "regulations" were legally constituted and just "rolling over" any opposition.

    The Internal Revenue Service does this every day. And they don't even pretend they've got a real law behind them. They just ignore any protests, any questions, and ride right over the person asking the question. They're regularly asked why if the payment of tax is voluntary, they can charge draconian "late fees" and interest for non-payment, and put you in prison in many cases? Profit is not income and income is not profit. Why then do they routinely collect taxes on both? Don't bother to ask them. They'll just ignore the question and ruin your life. You can't even get these questions into court so they are forced to answer them in some manner. They control the process.


    Another method of rape is the "Executive Order." The president gained the power to make executive orders way back in FDR's time when the legislature passed, and he signed a law citing the "state of war" that existed, making it necessary for the president to give orders not necessarily backed by statute, quick enough to respond to "war-time" conditions. Only problem is, every president since then, including Ronald Reagan, continued the law, keeping us in a constant "state of war" ever since. That's the "statutory backing" for the executive order. These "executive orders" are supposed to, under the law, effect nothing but the workings of the federal government, and no one but government workers, whether employees of volunteers. They do not have any force of law outside the federal government organization. But they are constantly used as if they are "The Law of the Land," affecting all citizens.


    They do this because they have the power. I don't mean "statutory power," I mean naked, "bully power." They will either enforce these provisions by force of arms, or they will sue you into submission as they tried to do to Microsoft using yet another unconstitutional law. To gain their ends, they will stage a "Gestapo-style" raid on your property, sometimes for something stupid like accidentally killing a "protected" kangaroo rat while plowing your fields or by having in your possession a single Eagle feather (Eagles are a "protected species"). They will confiscate your property and sell it, throwing you out into the cold with no money and no property. If you resist, they will kill you.

    Then, after you're "naked, broke, and alone," they tell you that you can sue to get it back (if you're still alive) if you will file a bond to guarantee that you will pay their legal fees win or lose. Of course, you have to hire a lawyer to file the suit and carry it through -- if you can find one with the guts to do it and will take it "on spec" or pro bono. All this after they have taken all your money and property. If you get enough help from friends to accomplish this, you can count on them fighting you "tooth and nail," using taxpayer (your) money to pay all the attorneys, researchers, etc. that they need to keep you in court the rest of your life.


    The Court definitively stated in the middle of this century: "The United States is entirely a creature of the Constitution. Its power and authority have no other source. It can only act in accordance with all the limitations imposed by the Constitution." (Reid v Covert, 354 US l (1957). [Emphasis mine. -RT]

    "In its first truly significant case, the Supreme Court asserted its power to overturn laws of Congress with the ruling written by Chief Justice John Marshall, which said simply: 'All laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.' " (Marbury v Madison, 5 US 137 (l803) [Emphasis mine. -RT]

    And so we see that the Constitution is the "Supreme Law Of The Land" and any law that is "repugnant to the Constitution is "null and void." It does not exist. Yet, by sheer force of arms, using our own tax money against us, they continue to enforce these "non-existent" laws, regulations, and Executive Orders upon us. They rob us with impunity. They imprison us wrongly. And if we resist, they kill us.

    That's the picture of "Bully Power."


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    Jun 27, 2001
    Good post,
    I am afraid it is more than a rant, it is the truth !

    These criminals and usurpers are running our lives
    into the ground.

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