An old High Standard or a Smith 41

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    "Inexpensive" is a relative thing. Compared to all the other Olympic style pistols in the market place, the Benelli is "inexpensive". The MP90S is not just a target gun but an Olympic style target gun.... there is a big difference especially price wise as you noted.

    It was quite a stretch for me and another $400 was beyond my limit for a Pardini. As I implied before, the MP95E is the direct competition for the S&W Model 41. In fact The 41's list price is more than $200 more than the list price of the MP95S. For a few more dollars ($300) you can have the MP95E. As far as what you actually pay for a gun, apparently you can find the 41's priced at about $1000 or so I'm told but not where I live. So I'm back to only about $300 more for the MP90S. The MP95E looks like a bargain!

    I solved the problem by having both the 41 and the MP90S. Both are excellent and shoot way better than my abilities. I own such fine pistols not because I need them but because I want them. Anymore, I rarely buy guys based on need or price, but I buy what tickles my fancy. I went through the limited resources and buying guns that made "sense" years ago and no longer do that. But of course we all have resources limits and mine was right at the the price of the MP90S. I made no compromise in my mind... I got an Olympic style pistol for a "reasonable" price that shoots well, is nicely made, and looks fantastic.

    As for the Larrys mount, I don't like to have to take mounts off guns to clean them. I field strip clean my guns and do not like to clean any pistol with the slide still in place, especially 22 blowback operated guns that coat the inside of the gun with crude with every shot. Removable mounts that "don't loose zero" always raise a question in my mind. I have not seen any that I think really do that exactly. I hate having to re-zero guns after every cleaning session. I'd have to get better assurances, like the slides comes off without removing the mount. Besides the iron sights on the gun are so good I enjoy using them and don't feel the need for a red dots on the gun. I have several other target 22's with red dot on them. The MP90S doesn't "need" one too.

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    I agree with you on that, pistol including rifle!
    Here a while back a friend bought a quick release scope mount to go on his
    $1500+ rifle and we zeroed it in and tried it out, taking it off and had to re-zero. We even done it a 2nd time, and that re-inforced my thoughts about that!

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    I have a High Standard Duramatic 101 .22 auto which is a low end offering but it sure works good.

    Very accurate and no problems.

    I bought it used from a dealer and had them run a full mag on their range and I told them to fire it as fast as they could pull the trigger to make sure springs and extractor worked OK.

    No problem, it functioned perfectly. Some day I hope to get some more expensive High Standards.

    I would recommend trying out any used gun you want to buy, just to make sure everything is OK.
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    I’m not disagreeing with you. Had a MP90S been available when I bought my MP95e, I probably would have bought one, but that was at the time between EAA stopped importing and Larry’s picking up the line. (In fact, I was upgrading (for less money) from a M41 at the time.)
    I did spend the extra $200+ (after a year or so) on the Rink grip and consider it money well spent. (I call it Rugering.;)) As for the adjustable trigger, it would be nice but I’m not “aware” of the trigger on my MP95, so I wouldn’t be messing with adjustments even if it had them.

    Agreed on the “don’t lose zero” mounts. They do regardless of how advertized. As I am a member of the “Don’t Clean after every Shot” school, I only pull the gun down for a detail clean about mid season when shooting in league. Mine doesn’t go off of zero so much that a few shots won’t bring it back. (Besides, there’s a large difference between the guns zero and my “zero”.) I do keep a brush on station and whisk out the action between stages and pull a bore snake through the barrel after each match.
    I do wish I could still use irons, but my eyes are just too bad anymore. I even went the route of the special Champions Choice shooting glasses and diopter and that doesn’t even work for me anymore.

    Actually my only complaint with the Benelli is the ejection problem when a ‘scope or dot is mounted. I still get an occasional “bounce back” into the action thereby causing a FTF.:mad:

    I don’t know if I related it on this forum but the league I shoot in has another MP95e user. Last winter league we both had identical FTFs on the 2nd shot in the First String Rapid Fire stage. (Bounce back into the action.) The Second string went fine. Then we both had another “Bounce Back” FTF on the 2nd shot of the Alibi Round. Weird!!.:confused:

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    High Standard is the ONLY American pistol manufacturer to ever win Olympic Gold.

    High Standard RapidFire (.22short)

    But in all honesty, the Beretta Neos is all you need these'll do the job.

    The carbine kit makes the NEOS even better :D
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