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25 JANUARY 1963:
…On this date, the first Seabee Technical Assistance Team(s) arrive in Vietnam. Teams 0501 and 0502 were given “Secret” security clearances and were funded by the CIA. The Teams deployed to Vietnam in the early 60’s were in support of the Army Special Forces which were training the Hill Tribes of the Central Highlands (Montagnards) in anti-guerrilla tactics as the CIDG model, the Civilian Irregular Defense Group)
Seabee Technical Assistance Teams (STATs), later shortened to “Seabee Teams” became a part of the Vietnamese scene when the first two organized teams, 0501 and 0502, under LTjg R.L. Ferriter and LT. C.V.M. Popowich arrived at Dam Pau in the central part of the country and Tri Ton in southwest Vietnam for the construction of civic action and tactical support projects.
It would be in 1965, when Marvin Shields, an E-4 Construction Mechanic, attached to such a STAT TEAM, fought along side Army Special Forces...Later, Shields would be awarded, posthumously, the Medal of Honor for his actions and service during that encounter...Chief
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