And more political upheaval in Wisconsin

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    Lefty Wisconsin Judge Rejects Voter ID Law in Scott Walker Recall Election
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    But that’s not the craziest part. The craziest part is that he made this ruling despite the fact that he signed a petition to recall Scott Walker:

    Nearly four months before he signed off on the poorly edited order granting a temporary injunction against Wisconsin’s new voter identification law, Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan scribbled his name on another important legal document:

    A petition urging the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

    Walker signed the voter ID legislation last year and is a defendant in the current case.

    “The very fact that Dane County Judge David Flanagan signed a petition to recall Governor Walker calls (Tuesday’s) court proceedings regarding Wisconsin’s voter ID law into question,” said Republican Party spokesman Ben Sparks in a statement.

    The petition to recall Walker that the good judge signed was being circulated by his wife.

    So, I’m a judge in your lawsuit, and I have signed a document trying to have you recalled from office. And I rule that the law passed to protect against voter fraud in your election cannot be enforced.

    How do you feel I am acting in that situation? Pretty fair, right?

    But, but, it’s not like the judge is just a partisan hack, right? I mean, his ruling is still quality legal scholarship, isn’t it? Replete with careful citations to the applicable laws and sound arguments?

    Eh, not so much:

    Statehouse staffers spent Tuesday afternoon counting the mistakes in Flanagan’s 11-page order on voter ID.

    The most notable is Flanagan’s reference to “Justice William Scalia.” That would be U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

    Several sentences in the decision are garbled.

    Flanagan refers to the wrong section of the state Constitution when he says it “sets forth explicitly the requirement for eligibility to vote, Art. I, Sect. 2 (4).”

    The article and section cited by Flanagan deals, instead, with the prohibition of slavery. He meant to refer to Article III.

    Cullen Werwie, spokesman for the governor, took note of the discrepancies: “Our legal team is still trying to locate Justice William Scalia.”

    A person more cynical than I am might say that this is absolute hackery. That it’s abuse of a position to win by any means possible.

    And that person would be right.

    Why, even William Scalia would agree.

    The real scary part is that I think this idiot is running unopposed in next months election. If Dane County wants an idiot for a judge I guess thats their business, but when that judge affects me half way across the state than thats everyone's business.
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    and you live in Wisconsin? man I thought you guys were on your way to reestablishing sanity up there. the judicial system is replete with libs, why the ninth circus,..... er circuit alone is mostly a joke from even a centrist point of view.

    the will of the voters is commonly waylaid by the judicial hacks, Wisconsin isn't alone. California, of all the states, voted down gay marriage. the law was quickly overturned by judge Vaughn Walker.

    sometimes I feel beset on all sides :mad:

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    Jul 18, 2011
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    There's been a big fight for a while now over a Florida company wanting to build a taconite(sp) mine along Lake Superior. Enviromentalists were going ape chit over about how it will destroy the pristine...yada yada yada. They estimated 600-800 local high paying union jobs where they are desperately needed and another 1500-2000 jobs across the state in support industries.

    The way the laws are here now its almost unfeasable for a mine to even operate let alone start up. The company was asking for a speedier process in which to do impact studies along with limits to objections. The Pubs held the Senate by 1 vote and of course 1 RINO wouldn't vote for it. The construction unions even did some protests against them Dems trying to get just 1 to vote for some jobs, but in the end it was shot down. The President of the company issued a statement today that they were done and are pulling out.

    The runaway Senators bend over backwards for public unions and just took a big dump on the private ones. I will guarantee that that will be felt come next election. Lots of p.o'd people over this.
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