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    Watch the video of it, its better than reading it. I wonder how she feels watching her career flowing down the crapper. Oh wait she probably thinks she's still a highly respected independent journalist. She has become such a tool for the socialists it aint even funny.

    Andrea Mitchell Struggles To Respond To Claim Obama Outsourced Jobs Via Stimulus

    MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell struggles in her attempt to respond to a charge by guest John Sununu that President Obama is the job outsourcer, not Mitt Romney.

    Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC: Isn't it a winning issue for the White House, fundamentally, granted that the PolitiFact folks and the Washington Post pointing out that the President's campaign ad on that issue had a lot of questions and a lot of questionable attacks?

    John Sununu: But they said it was wrong. A lot of questionable tactics is not right, it was wrong.

    Mitchell: But the point is, that isn't Mitt Romney more vulnerable than the President on this issue because there still is -- the whole question of private equity of outsourcing. Yo could argue about when he left Bain Capital and whether he was still getting money from Bain Capital and what some of the companies in Bain were doing, companies that did end up working overseas and sending jobs overseas. But isn't it a bigger problem for Republicans than for the White House?

    Sununu: No. When you've sent $500 million to Fisker and it goes to Finland immediately. When you send the solar money and it goes to Mexico. When you send the turbine money and it goes to Denmark. And we can go on all day. There is $29 billion worth of purchases that came out of this administration, outsourced jobs to foreign countries.

    Mitt Romney outsourced zero --

    Mitchell: Zero?

    Sununu: Zero. He wasn't there when those issues came up.

    Mitchell: Well, first of all the $29 billion are not all outsourced from the administration because ---

    Sununu: Sure they are.

    Mitchell: A lot of those jobs still remained here. There are jobs -- when you do a grant, governor, there are jobs here as well as overseas.

    Sununu: [laughing] You're struggling, Andrea. You're struggling.

    Mitchell: First of all, these are competing claims and we will get back to you with all of the numbers.
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    The times we live in......:eek::(

    I understand......perspective is reality.
    BUT...just because someone 'wants' something to be true it doesn't
    make it true. Why is it so many these days can't think for themselves,
    use the brain GOD gave them ?
    We have so many 'sheeple' that are already conditioned to accept
    socialism in this country it would not take more than a feather to
    change the winds of time.
    Sad, sad days are on us.

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    Apr 17, 2012
    How does she manage to talk with obamas unit in her mouth?If this creature had even a shred of class or dignity(HA!)she would go home,run a hot bath,get in and open her wrists up.
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    Hitler got it exactly right when he said that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth. The trouble is, we are being lied to by all of the politicians in both parties. The first liar doesn't have a chance and neither does an honest man.
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    ever hear Rush Limbaugh's impersonation of "Andrea Mitchell, CBS News"? pretty dang funny :)
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    Wow, did she get her ever loving barking moon bat ass handed to her. She should resign in disgrace, but I hope she doesn't. We need all the comic relief we can get.
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    Just wait till the all wonderful glowing one Romney gets in there. It's going to go downhill from THERE even more.