Animal Rights Conference Encourages Terrorism

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    July 5, 2002 Beth Ruth (614) 888-4868 x 214

    Animal Rights Conference Encourages Terrorism,

    Unity and Legislative Action to Advance Movement

    (Columbus) - Leaders of the animal rights movement who lectured at this year’s national animal rights conference advocated terrorist acts, unification and increased legislative action as ways to achieve their goal to provide legal rights to all animals.

    A U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance staffer attended four days of the Animal Rights 2002 National Conference, a forum for sharing ideas and information about the animal rights movement. The event was held June 28 through July 3 in Washington, D.C. and sponsored by a number of national animal rights organizations. The staffer attended several workshop sessions despite repeated threats by organizers of physical harm against infiltrators.

    Among conference highlights was a statement made by Captain Paul Watson, founder and president of a national animal rights group, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He said if a human died from one of his actions, he would consider it "collateral damage." Watson claims the U.S. government taught him this because it excuses the bombing of innocent women and children during time of war. He also commented that it is not possible to "commit violence against non-sentient objects. Property damage is not violence."

    Co-founder of Animals' Agenda and conference speaker Jim Mason highlighted the importance of unifying animal rights supporters. He said the animal rights movement is up against a "cultural fortress" and must unite to strengthen.

    Wayne Pacelle, vice president of the Humane Society of the United States, sent out a call to increase legislative action on behalf of animals. He claims that the biggest failure of the animal rights movement has been "the failure to enact animal protection laws." He says the only way to be successful is "if communities get to know issues…and try to influence the outcome" by voting and contacting their legislators. Pacelle mentions that the ultimate goal of the animal rights movement should be to "create a body of laws to protect animals from individuals."

    The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance will follow-up this summary of the Animal Rights 2002 National Conference with several detailed articles. They will reinforce the fact that the animal rights movement, which is backed by the Humane Society of the United States, Fund for Animals, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and thousands of other groups, is not about saving pets in shelters, but rather radically changing our lifestyle by any means possible.

    The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers nationally in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. For more information about the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and its work, call (614) 888-4868 or visit its website,

    "This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!" -Adolph Hitler, 1935

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    Wasn`t there a paw print on the Constitution????????

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    Re: Animal Rights Conference Encourages Terrorism
    What goes around comes around and someday these freaks will get what they deserve.
    "I'M NOT GOING TO HAVE SOME REPORTERS PAWING THROUGH OUR PAPERS. WE ARE THE PRESIDENT." - Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpoenaed documents

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    My first wife drugs me down to volunteer at the Humane Society’s animal shelter. During a training lecture I was instructed that if I had even the slightest idea that the new owner was a hunter I was to deny adoption. I WAS PISSED! I calmly explained how my Shorthair lived to hunt with me and that it wasn’t a job that I was imposing on the dog, it was something we liked to do together. They told me that hunting was against their doctrine and it wasn’t fair that I taught my dog (a carnivore) how to kill. I told them that it was me that was doing all the killing and left…without the first wife!

    I wasn’t the first person to leave the orientation. Their was a (and I use the term loosely) women that got offended when the instructor announced that one of us would be an assistant manager and that HE would have to volunteer more hours than the rest of use. She (and I use the term loosely) thought they had made up their minds about picking a man for the job. That seen was at least funny enough to keep me their until the anti-hunting stuff started.


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    I hope we never see an economic failure, but, what in this world would these "type" of people do to survive if Y2K had provided us the chance to practice our survival skills?
    I know people who wouldn't live a month after the deepfreeze stopped humming, yet they have the nerve to say/ask Awwww, You go out and kill those poor innocent deer?
    You know, I don't blame anyone for going to the supermarket and buying a T-bone and a pack of boiled shrimp (man, that made my mouth water)...I don't blame them for stocking up on store bought groceries, or eating fast food...I do the same things regularly, But what makes them think they can blame me for doing what comes natural for man?

    They think that because this has become a rich nation of ease, that we should follow suit and become pawns like they are...Yes I'm sure our government would love a nation of comfortable, people who could not provide for themselves, but thats another topic.

    I have never shoved my beliefs down their throats, and I don't know what makes them think they have the right to tell me what I should or shouldn't do...Do they really love wild animals so much they that would have mans rights stripped from him? Or are they just so caught up in wanting to be a part of an origination that they missed that part?

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    Life consumes life!

    I wonder how many of the people at the conference were wearing leather shoes?

    P.C. as always,

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    Or drives a Mercedes Benz...The biggest on-line debate I ever took part in...The fella opposing to killing wild animals slipped up and said he drove a sports car with leather seats, he didn't have much of an argument left.
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