Another blonde joke

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    A blonde was in having her hair done one day and asked her hair stylist if she could dye her hair. Her stylist said "sure", the asked, " Why do you want to change your hair color?' "I just want to see if becoming a brunette would be any different than being a blonde." she replied. After she had gotten her hair dyed she went to the mall and bought a new scarf and a pair of shoes. The next morning she awoke and looked at herself in the mirror. Boy I look good as brunette she thought. I should go for a drive and show off my new hair color.
    As she drove out in the country she came across a pasture full of sheep. I would sure like to have a cute little sheep for a pet she thought. Spying the sheep herder she pulled over and stopped. She got out and climbed over the fence. The sheep herder watched as she approached. "What do you want?" he asked. "If I can guess how many sheep you have will you give me one for a pet?" He laughed and said , "sure if you can tell me how many sheep I got you can have one." "without batting an eye she said,"463." "How in the he.. did you do that?" he asked. "Oh i just have a way with numbers." she says. "Okay, go get you a sheep." After a few minutes she comes back and heads for the fence. "HEY!!!" he hollers. She turns around and comes back to where he is sitting. "You are really a blonde are'nt you?" "HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?" she exclaimed. "Give me back my dog and I'll tell you."
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